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Beurer BY60 Electric breast pump

Updated by Andy Moran

Beurer BY60 Electric breast pump Do you give the bottle to your baby? Then, of course, a breast pump is necessary. With this device from Beurer, you can easily pump with ten stimulation levels and ten pump levels. The breast pump has a memory function, so you do not have to adjust the device to your needs each time. The device comes with two bottles of matching screw caps, a bottle holder and a naturally shaped teat to facilitate food intake. You also get an adapter for Avent and NUK bottles. So you can use this breast pump also in combination with these bottles. Specifications Brand: Beurer Type: BY60 Electric breast pump Guarantee: 3 years over Beurer Breast pump with vacuum technology Incl. Adapter for other bottles Very pleasant breast pumping Main Features Very convenient use with 10 levels of stimulation and 10 pumping stages memory function for optimal individual use Clear and illuminated display it shows the time Easy installation for use Compact design for easy operation Contains two bottles with matching screw tops, bottle holder and a naturally shaped sucker for easy Food supply with matching lid Silicone pad with the soft-touch surface for convenient use Adapter for Avent and NUK bottles: The pump can also be used with these bottles Non-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber feet for stable use Accessories can be disinfected Medical Device Works with an adapter or on battery power Battery indicator (battery life at level 10: approximately 60 minutes) Technical features Power pump: 100 - 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz Output pump / Battery: 6V DC Includes 4 x 1.5V AA batteries Dimensions: 168 x 100 x 53 mm Delivery 1x BY60 breast pump 2x + bottles screw 1x bottle holder 1x vacuum cleaner with a suitable lid 4x 1.5 V AA batteries 1x bottle adapter (Avent and NUK)


6 Best Printing Calculators of 2020 for Managing an Efficient Mini Point-of-Sale

Updated by Nicholas Jameson

With most of the revolutions going around the world, let's just not forget the revolutionary era of calculators that have now allowed us to print the calculations we require. The printing calculators have become quite handy for the large company owners as it saves up your time and effort to keep track of the huge calculations. Here, is the list of 6 best calculators that are available in the market and is easy to use. 1:Aurora PR600M Palm Top The Aurora PR600M Palm Top is one of the best and is the first quality printing calculator that is going to last for a decade of regular use as well. With its minuscule price tag, it is the best option available in the market. This high-quality printing calculator has a 12 digit display and can handle most basic mathematical functions. It is a good backup for point of sale system that also offers an optional rounding function. The calculator is prone to misaligned printing and weighs about 1.1 pounds. {{BP-2}} 2:Casio HR-8TM Plus Whether you want to create a simple receipt for your sales transaction or track the material delivery numbers while still on a job site, the affordable yet very reliable Casio HR-8TM Plus is the perfect choice for you. The calculator is small enough to be tossed in a bag or a briefcase, weighing about 1 pound and to be used when it comes handy. It has a large and clear LCD screen and features a built-in currency exchange function. However, it is quite slow on printing. {{BP-2}} 3:Staples SPL-P100 The Staples SPL-P100 is one of the best printing calculators that is functional enough to be used at your desk and small enough to fit in your pocket or briefcase. The Staples SPL-P100 is a perfect choice, though it's a fairly basic model, it does include handy cost, sell, and margin keys. It has a 12 digit display and can run on a battery. The calculator also keeps the track of date and time. 4:Sharp EL-1801V Portable The Sharp EL-1801V Portable is yet another wonder that features a one-button change function. It can easily calculate what you owe your cash customers almost as quickly as you can say the word. The calculator features fairly quick output speed of 2.5 lines per second. It has a large easy to press a keypad. The best part is, it prints negative values in red ink, but it must be plugged into an outlet. 5:Victor Technology PL8000 The Victor Technology PL8000 uses the heat and the carbon paper, rather than the ink, to print out your calculations. Thus, with this calculator, you don't have to worry about changing ribbons or cartridges. However, it is a bit of an expensive option, but it also prints at an astonishingly fast speed of 8 lines per second. It as a two-color display, which reduces eyestrain and has an ultra-quiet operation. 6:Monroe Systems 6120X The Monroe Systems 6120X can display about many as 12 characters on its screen at a time, thus there are very few calculations that are required in every day, it cannot handle easily. The calculator also features a customizable rounding function and a four key memory. It can easily calculate tax amounts and features a handy double zero key. It also offers fast two-color printing and weighs about 4.8 pounds. So these are the 6 best printing calculators that are convenient for your tough and busy schedules and can be easily carried around to your work.

5 Projector Screens To Buy In 2020 For Your Home Or Office

Updated November, 30 -0001 by Nicholas Jameson

Your projector will be pretty much useless if it does not have a good projector screen to display whatever you want to show or watch. Nobody wants to call their friends or family over only to make them go through the experience of a bad projector screen and get embarrassed in front of everyone. Not to forget you do not want to be the person in the office known as someone who brought a tacky screen projector which led your clients not to sign a deal with you. I am sure you do not want to be known as that person. So, for you to avoid these embarrassing situations you must check out these 5 finest projector screens and select one that fits your priorities best. Elite Screens Manual B Series Elite’s Screen Manual B series is 100 inches long with a textured matte white surface. It is very easy to clean and set up. It also comes with a warranty of two years. It’s affordable and there is not a single downside of owning this projector screen. There is an auto-locking system in this projector screen which allows you to make height adjustments according to what you prefer is suitable. However, this series is not recommended for Ultra-short throw projectors. Celexon Tripod Projector Screen This projector screen is attention-grabbing because it is so lightweight you can carry it anywhere with you and it is foldable as well! It has fiberglass fabric which ensures good picture quality and you can assemble the screen very quickly because of the tripod which comes along with it. You will be able to purchase this lovely projector in under just $99! Pyle PRJTP Video Projector Screen Pyle’s screen projector is extremely lightweight and very suitable for tiny spaces. It does not require much room and that is why you can carry it easily to your workplace or your home. It is a 40-inch viewing screen with a steel folding tripod. Additionally, one of the customers of this product said and I quote "Smaller screen 40 inches’ but that is its charm. Not for everyone. Well, build, delivery on time. Easy to pack and store. Best in price and bang for the buck. A lot of value, and easy function." Also, it is available with a one-year warranty and it only costs $53! Excelvan Outdoor Portable Movie Screen Specifically, this projector screen is in simple words is right for the office and home usage but it has too many flaws on its own. According to its buyers, it is really heavy and people go through a very hard time while putting it up on the wall. However, it is really cheap. Costing you around $27 so, if you want to use a screen projector just once and do not require it afterward then you can purchase it because you wouldn’t want to go for something which is expensive in that situation. Silver Ticket Products STR-169 Silver’s projector screen comes in various sizes and you can watch HD and 3-D content very easily on it. The screen has an aluminum frame but no tripod so; you will have to arrange a way of putting it up on the wall. It has a woven acoustic screen which makes it possible for the speakers to be put behind the viewing area. It is built perfectly for you to watch a movie on it. Most of the customers seem to be satisfied with this projector’s screen because they have said things such as "Thank you for producing such a high-quality product at an affordable price." "Easy to install and looks amazing!" You can buy this screen for $330 and considering the qualities of this projector’s screen, I think it is worth the price.

8 Best DSLR Lens to Capture Photos Like a Seasoned Pro

Updated by Nicholas Jameson

If you wish to seek a versatile lens with a stepping motor for smooth, silent autofocus for stills or video, then you have come to the right page. We have reviewed about 9 best camera lenses with the perfect specs that makes an ideal purchase. From portraits to nighttime photography, we have covered all sorts of lenses that you need to know about before making your choice. As lenses are very game-specific, so you must know what type of photography you are aiming towards before buying one. Here is the list of 9 best lenses that are easily available in the market. Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus If you are a Nikon photographer and is seeking a versatile but affordable prime lens, then this one is your perfect option. The Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G can be used for anything from portraits to the action photography, all you have to do is own a Nikon DSLR camera, ideally an FX model. It is one of the fastest, compact and a solid option for the beginners and intermediate DSLR photographers. All of the images are very sharp and detailed even in the low light and the build is very sturdy with few signs of breaking or aging. Just keep in mind that this lens has a minimum focus distance of about 1.48 ft., that means you cannot get very close to your subjects. Tamron Autofocus 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD The Tamron Autofocus 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD is another macro zoom lens, which is among the most versatile of the DSLR lens. It has a wide range that is typically around 40-200mm. At 70-300mm, this Tamron lens is very ideal for handheld shooting, particularly for nature, wildlife, sports, and portraits. Just like any other macro lens, its images are very sharp and highly focused. It is perfect for the tiny, close up images of insects and flowers. The distant subjects are highly focused and richly detailed through the zoom range, which makes it a perfect option for you to buy. Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 DG OS HSM The Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 DG OS HSM lens is one of the best options if you own a Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs. Despite its price, it is an ideal lens with a great combination of image quality and telephoto range. It emphasis is on keeping the zoom ratio as high as possible without distorting the shots. A minimum focusing distance of about 17 inches and a maximum ratio of 1:4:6 makes Sigma good for the close-ups as well as zooming. The 24-105mm F4 zoom comes complete with the Sigma’s Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), which enables a fast, quiet and accurate autofocus alongside with the optical stabilization. Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM The Canon’s EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM lens is the best dollar for dollar value that you will find in a telephoto lens. With a focal length and maximum aperture between 55-250 mm and 1:4-5.6, it is good with the close-ups at a focusing distance of 2.8 feet. It has an optical image stabilization onboard that compensates for natural handshaking from camera users who have trouble keeping a steady hand while focusing. This lens is OIS assists that aid in reaching and capturing of faraway objects when held in the hand without a tripod. The lens also includes Canon’s Movie Servo Autofocus technology that ensures quiet adjustments to the zoom length. It also has a polarizing filter and weighs about 1.2 pounds only. Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM Undoubtedly, the Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM is widely regarded as one of the top lenses that will not disappoint you at all. This lens is trusted to produce a very sturdy, dependable and ultra-wide angle pictures that you desire. So if you are planning to capture the entire building, large room and other colossal subjects than this is the best deal you are looking at right know as it has a focal range of just 10-20mm and it delivers a huge depth of field. This lens is mostly intended for shooting the architecture, subject heavy landscapes as well as the interiors. It also offers quick focusing, precision settings, a sturdy build, and bright and beautiful color reproduction. Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Lens The Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 is yet another best lens that is equipped with an Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD), which enables hyper-fast focusing. This lens is ideal for capturing the action shots during races, sports or other fast-moving subjects. This lens also features vibration compensation to assist the photographers with steadier shots in a handheld mode no matter the outside condition. It also has a manual focus, which allows a photographer to make adjustments at the moment without the need for switches or menus. This lens boasts sharper contrast than any other lenses in its class. In short, the Tamron was designed to focus on excellent performance and deliver a noiseless experience. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 It is one of the fastest and sharpest ultra-wide lens available in the market. The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 lacks built-in optical image stabilization, but there is a rare number of situations where you will miss this feature given to its f/2.8 aperture and focal length of the Tokina. It is a highly formidable wide-angle lens that performs strikingly well in low light too. The 11-16mm does not leave much zoom to work with, but there is more than enough depth to add just enough zoom to focus on the edges of the frame while emphasizing the center subject. Rokinon 35mm Cine T1.5 Lens It is one of a prime lens that is must to have in your arsenal. It has a fixed focal length so that you are not going to get any zoom on this one but you will get a much sharper image which is why it is preferred for portrait photography too. This lens has a perfect focal length and a de-clicked aperture that allows much more control over the aperture. It has a maximum aperture of f1.5 and a wide-angle field of view making, thus making it a perfect prime lens. As it comes with a different mount, therefore, it can be used with a Canon DSLR or any other camera like Nikon, Sony or Panasonic. So, these were the best DSLR lenses available in the market, which allows you to take perfect pictures.

Sports & Outdoors

6 Best Fishing Nets for 2020 to Add More Fun to Your Fishing

Updated by Nicholas Jameson

Back in the past fishing nets were not as updated and helpful in catching fishes as they are now. With time they have evolved too just like all the other things and you can find various types of fishing nets which are available in the market. 6 of the best fishing nets are mentioned below to make your purchase easier. Frabill folding net Frabill folding net is unique and versatile because it is not only used to catch fishes but also, to catch birds and mice. It has got high-quality mesh netting which ensures your fish will not be able to get away. It is extremely easy to use and comfortable enough to hold for a while. However, it has got plastic corners which make it really easy to bread in tough situations. South bend landing This fishing net is able to catch fishes in extreme conditions because it has a teardrop-shaped hoop with a deep net which is able to make sure the fishes are not able to get away during the catch. Another reason for the fishes are not able to get away is because the base of the pocket is flattened. It comes with the option of three different sizes and it has a corrosion-resistant handle feature which allows you to hold it comfortably. Shelure cast carp Shelure’s fishnet is built to last for a very long time. You even get a lifetime guarantee for non-artificial damage along with it. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle that provides you comfort and firm grip over the fishnet. It has a really shallow net so, you are able to catch a lot of fishes in one go by using this net. Ranger 300 series Not many fishnets are as attractive and good looking as Ranger 300 series. You will be surprised to know its handle is made up of diamond-embossed aluminum. If you keep this fishnet, all the other fisherman is most likely to get jealous of you. It’s available in three hoop shapes and it also has a range of bag depths to pick from. It’s strong and it is able to do its job of catching fishes perfectly due to its strong polyethylene netting. Fiblink landing net Fiblink’s landing net is able to extend up to 118 inches which allows you to catch fishes which might be a little far from the distance where you are standing. It is extremely flexible and can make your job of catching fishes very easy. It has a 17-inch net that comes with a tangle-free nylon net. You can fold this net without any effort too and carry it with you. It’s perfect for someone who’s been fishing for a while now. Ranger flat bottom When you lay your eyes on ranger flat bottom you instantly become aware of how it’s definitely made up of high-quality materials and it will live up to its name. It is available in four different size options along with anodized hoop and handles combo. It creates minimal resistance in the water because it’s net is made up of knotless rubber-coated nylon. Super comfortable to hold and control. One of the best available in the market and you must purchase it!!! You can count on these fishing nets to make your fishing experience fun and comfortable.

8 Best Hunting Game & Trail Cameras for 2020 to Capture the Rarest Jungle Moments

Updated November, 30 -0001 by Nicholas Jameson

Hunting expeditions are usually fun, but wouldn’t you want to capture the moments of this adventure? Hence, to savor all the fun you had on the trip, your hunting gear is incomplete without these cameras. Enkeeo PH730S Trail Game Camera The Enkeeo PH730S is a high trigger speed camera with 120° detection angle. It features a 12MP high-quality full-color resolution and 1920x1080P HD video along with the audio. This camera has long night vision range, i.e. up to 65 feet/ 20m distance for the photos and videos. It has a 2.4" TFT LCD display and works with the 8 batteries. Moreover, it has a 32GB external storage and this camera is IP54 high waterproof certified, thus your hunting camera is protected from rain, sand, dust or corrosion. Trail Camera MAXFUL Game Hunting Camera Yet another best hunting camera that features a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor. This powerful camera captures 12-megapixel photo and 1080P HD video with the audio recording. Even the pictures taken at night are crystal clear. The lighting, clarity, and color are just perfect. Additionally, it has an impressively fast trigger speed of less than 1s that ensures each detected movement is being captured quickly and accurately. It also has some badass features, inclusive of the Multi-shot, Interval, Timelapse, Timer, Password protection, Time stamp, Serial, Alarm at low battery power and etc. The camera is very robust and comes with a great camouflaged case. It is also very durable, waterproof and dust-proof. LESHP Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera The LESHP trail camera comes with a 2.4 inch LCD screen,5 Megapixel(2560×1920) sensor, 12 Megapixel high-resolution full-color CMOS sensor and 1080P HD video with audio record. In short, it is everything you want. This hunting camera is designed with IP56 grade water protected, so it can also be used in rain. Additionally, it has 8 months of the standby time and can store 30000 pictures, using a micro SD Card/TF Card up to 32GB or a 100 minutes’ video at one time. Wildlife Camera, LESHP Trail Hunting Game Camera This motion sensor wildlife camera as a built-in LCD screen display that allows for easy navigation and mode selection. It features a multi-shot, timer, intervals, time-lapse, password protection, serial no., TV OUT, alarm and low power notification. This camera also has a unique sensor design that provides a 120°wide detection angle and impressive 0.2-0.6 second trigger speed, which makes sure each detected movement is documented in real-time. Also, the adjustable resolution is available for both still images and the videos. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor The Bushnell Trophy Cam features a 14.0 Megapixel high-quality full-color resolution images along with the 1280 x 720 HD video. It has a 48 No-glow Black LEDs with the range of 60ft. Moreover, it possesses a Day/night auto sensor with a field scan 2X. Also, two-time slots are available that allows you to monitor dusk and dawn movements. Distianert 12MP 720P Infrared Game & Trail Camera This is one of the power saving cameras that features a circuit board and hardware that are energy efficient. This camera lasts up to 8 months by 4 AA batteries and activates the 30 min delay picture mode. It is one of the best trail camera available in the market that captures colorful and black & white images and videos during daytime and nighttime as well. It has a 12MP HD quality pictures and 10s interval 720P videos with the sound). All in all, it is the most suitable and reliable monitoring device in the jungle alone. ECOOPRO Trail Camera Yet another best trail game camera that captures the 12-megapixel crystal clear colorful images by day and relative clear black & white images at the night separately. The brightness, clarity, and colors are exactly what you desire. The camera provides for a 1080P HD video with sound. Moreover, it has an impressive 0.5-second trigger speed and there is no delay between the triggers when it captures still images. This also a perfect choice for the hunters in you. APEMAN Trail Camera Hunting Game This reliable, high-performance camera captures crisp, brightly colored photos each time motion is detected of wild game during the day. It takes up to 9 photos per detection. The camera also features great video recordings with clear video and sound. It has an impressively fast trigger speed of less than 1 second that ensure each detected movement is captured quickly and accurately. The camera is equipped with 26 pcs black LEDs that capture wonderful images. It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, IP54 Spray water protected the design and up to 6 months-long battery life with 8AA batteries. Additionally, it has a Passive Infrared Sensor that steps up the hunting game. Hence, these are the few best hunting cameras that will be worth a shot.

17 Best Fishing and Recreation Boats to Buy in 2020

Updated by Nicholas Jameson

Everyone has something they are obsessed about or in general love a lot and if you are someone who loves fishing and recreation boats-then you need to check out these 17 best fishing and recreation boats which you can purchase. LOWE L1448M This basic fishing boat comes with a center seat with gravity-fed storage. It has a stainless steel bow eye and two transom handles along with two bench seats. It’s strongly built and has got a flat bottom. Transom train plug is also included in it to make sure you are able to drain out the water from the boat. It’s a boat which is going to last for many years to come if it’s taken care of properly. Purchase this boat and you will have a smooth ride guaranteed. LOWE L1648M You can call this boat versatile because it has so many different features included in it. It has its own formed in spray rails, formed in keels and formed transom corner caps. The bench seats are somewhat large and big enough for two people to sit on each bench. It is very economic friendly considering how good this fishing boat is. LOWE V1667WT Lowe’s V1667WT is a boat made for you to enjoy fishing. It has a split center and a split stern seat along with two bench seats. Talk about being spacious. Features such as full-length center keel, four heavy-duty keels and transom corner castings with handles are a part of this boat. This boat is probably what you should be purchasing if you are looking for a spacious plus a multi-featured boat. Alumacraft Escape 145 Tiller Do you want to go fishing? Are you looking for some time to relax in the middle of the ocean? Well, you can do both of these things if you purchase this beautiful boat. It has over-sized rod holders and a live well. You even get a lot of space for storage as well in it. It might be a bit expensive but it’s worth the price if you love boats. Alumacraft bass 165 Prowler Fish like the pro that you are or just simply enjoy a relaxing boat ride in your free time by using this boat! It has got an extra-large front deck with lockable rod storage for you to store your things. This boat makes sure that you enjoy your time when you are in the lake or an ocean. LOWE FM 160T This boat is able to stand out in comparison to others because 16 oz charcoal marine carpet is included in it. A proper control panel with switches is also present in it which lets you take a ride on your boat with ease. It has a separated bow fishing deck with 23 gals and an aerated live well. Moreover, the factory-installed motor works brilliantly and it is able to provide you with trolling motor options. Alumacraft Escape 165 This top-class quality boat is for sure one of the best boats available in the market. It is really easy to tow and you are able to get in the water really quickly. It has features like a huge lighted Livewell, larger than life storage space and large side rod holders. Fire extinguisher, Manual bilge pump, and stowable running lights are also included in the boat. Vinyl flooring is done all over the boat which gives it a really sophisticated look. You may use this boat for water sports or just fishing, it’s totally up to you. Alumacraft Classic 165 Tiller Alumacraft’s classic boat is 16 foot long with some amazing features included in it. It is really easy to tow this boat and overall, it gives you perfect performance. It has interior courtesy lights, stowable running lights, and even a Livewell light! So, darkness will not really be a problem for this boat. The boat is large enough for you to go on a ride with your family or just simply go fishing with your friends and make the most of this boat. LOWE FM160S People who love fishing will end up loving this boat because of two reasons; it has a Lowrance fishfinder and a large fishing deck with Livewell present in it. Floors of the boat are covered in charcoal marine carpet that gives out a very sleek look. The control panel of the boat has got switches and even a horn as well. Four pedestal seats are included in it along with a driver and passenger seat, giving you loads of space to have a comfortable ride and making it easier for you to fish while sitting on the pedestal seat. Ranger RT178 This boat might not be spacious enough to include a lot of people in it but it is perfect for the use of someone who goes alone for fishing. A recessed trolling motor pedal is included on the front deck along with storage space available for tackle and gear. The forward deck has got a removable cooler and another storage space as well. You can use that cooler to keep your fishes fresh or just to keep your drinks cold. The seating of the cockpit is custom built with the material of premium marine-grade upholstery which makes sitting on it a very comfortable experience. You will find another storage space under the seats where you store your equipment and various other things. You will be surprised to know that there is another storage compartment available in the rear deck as well!!!!!!!!!! This boat provides you with a high-quality experience along with features that make your journey in the lake/ocean smooth and very productive. Its storage space is amazing and can save you from the trouble of running out of places to store things. LOWE FM 165 PRO WT 12 V trolling motor available in the boat gives the boat a really fast speed and a spectacular performance. You can use it for water sports for which you are most likely to win if you are riding Lowe’s FM 165 PRO. You can even fish as much as you want while you are in this boat because it has a bow fishing deck with 20 gals aerated live well and an aft fishing deck with 19 gals aerated live well. The boat is available in two-tone paint options so, you can pick the tones according to your liking. You can even plug and then play instruments on the boat and let yourself enjoy the musical ride in the middle of the ocean or a lake. It is built to survive tough situations so you can count on it always to keep you safe. Alumacraft Pro 185 This boat might not look like its big enough to give you the performance and features you are looking for but I can assure you that it’s an amazing performance and features will surprise you. It does not matter if you are professional or just a beginner, either way, you are going to love this boat. It has hydraulic steering and a 36 V trolling system. The boat has dual aerated live wells along with timers included in it. Moreover, auto bilge pump and manual bilge pump both are present in it so you can use the one you prefer. Driver’s seat slider is also present which makes driving a really smooth task. Optional features such as which brand engine you want inside it and what type of flooring you want are all up to you. All you have to do is let the company know what you prefer. Alumacraft Competitor 175 Tiller This boat is simply beautiful. You lay your eyes on it and you just think about purchasing it. It’s extremely spacious and has got the capacity to store 8-foot rod. Another 8-foot storage compartment port is present in it, providing you with tons of space for you to store your equipment, drinks or fishes. It even has a compartment just for battery storage so your batteries can stay safe from all the water. Trolling system can work with the volt ranges of 12-24. For you to see clearly while fishing there is Livewell lights included in the aerated live well so you do face any problems while fishing. Extra standard features such as fire extinguisher, grab handles and horn are all part of the boat as well. The boat is covered with carpeted flooring but if you do not wish to have a carper floor, you can always remove it. SX 190 You look at this boat and all you can think of how luxurious it is. Not to brag or anything but IT HAS GOT A STREO FEATURE IN IT!!!! Yup, I am as serious as someone can be. It is available in two wonderful colors red and black. It has an in-floor storage system which lets you keep all your equipment or whatever extra stuff you need to store. There’s even bow seating feature present in it which comes with cup holders and backrest cushions that allow you to relax and just enjoy. Its articulating keel helps the boat with its stability while it’s near the dock. You will not regret purchasing this. 190 FSH Anyone who gets to ride this boat and control it at the same time will be very happy because it has a customizable helm which makes the fishing experience amazing for you. The boat is available in black and white colors and it’s designed beautifully. It has a wide bow which has a storage space present inside it along with insulated fish box and an anchor locker. Swim platform comes along with it as well with a pump which is able to clean out the port. It’s padded deck sitting and riding on it a comfortable journey. If you are looking for something simple with the best updates qualities then this is what you should be aiming to get! AR 190 If you are more than just into fishing then this boat will be ideal for you because you can even participate in water sports if you are interested in that type of things. It’s fast and has got a cockpit seating area which is spacious enough for eight people to sit!!!! The flooring of the boat comes with carpeted floors but if you are not a carpet kind of a person then you can easily remove them too. Oversized in-floor storage space is also present for you to keep your things and its 1.8-liter high output Yamaha marine engine makes the boat long-lasting and reliable. 190 FSH Deluxe This boat has got no bad quality. It’s perfect in every way there is. It’s available in black color only which makes it appear really sleek. It has a bimini top and a captain’s post which lets you enjoy the boat ride even on a very sunny day! It comes with a bow pedestal seat which is very convenient for you to sit on while you are fishing or just relaxing and enjoying your view. Very spacious storage is a part of the boat as well, allowing you to keep your equipment and a 5-gallon bucket can even fit inside it perfectly!!! The insulated fish box is the best feature of this boat because it’s so big that you will keep all the fishes you catch without any problems inside it. This boat is definitely worth all the money you will spend on it. All the boats are perfect in their own way, at the end of the day it all depends on what kind of boat you want and what really is your range. Hoping one of these boats is able to make your fishing and relaxing time as much fun as you wish it to be.


5 Best Electric Cooktops of 2020 to Keep Your Cooking Hassle Free

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Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen according to the new standards? Or Are you irritated with the hassle of gas cooktops? then, surely you must opt for the electric cooktops that give an elegant look to your kitchen and is really very convenient. While shopping for electric cooktops, the most essential aspect to consider its versatility. The best ceramic cooktops available in the market includes many different burner configurations in a very limited space. However, some of the other cooktops have dual or triple burners that can perfectly fit with the size of the pot only. Also, you must consider the wattage. As, the electric cooktops should have at least one burner that reaches about 3,000 watts, thus enabling you to reach a fast boil. To help you out we have prepared the 7 best electric cooktops that allow you to cook without any hassle. Electrolux Electrolux is one of a well-known name when it comes to best kitchen appliances and the Electrolux EI36EC45KS is not an exception. The sleek designed cooktop which takes up considerable space on your counter is the best option if you are looking for versatility. The cooktop is of 36.75 inches wide and 21.75 inches deep made up of glossy black ceramic that comprises five burners. It features two double or triple heating elements so that you can easily use the pots and pans of differing sizes. The quick-boil feature is of 3,200 watts on one burner, thus it has a total of 19 power levels and 25 push-button preset options. KitchenAid The KitchenAid KECC667BSS is yet another best electric cooktop that takes about 36 inches of the space on your counter. It has a huge triple burner with two double burners and two single burners, which makes a total of nine different heating configurations. This is also a ceramic cooktop that also offers the simmer and melt functions for your convenience. So now, you can enjoy making sauces, melting chocolate for the desserts and other low-heat tasks. All of the five burners feature rapid boiling, thus allowing you to prepare a multitude of dishes simultaneously, without worrying that one will either burn or be undercooked. LG If you are looking for a cooktop that is small in size, yet looks classy in your kitchen then you must opt for the LG LCE3010SB. This cooktop is of 30 inches only, however, it features about five radiant heat burners, the two of which have dual size heating elements, while the other three can be used for general cooking. Also, one 6-inch burner is dedicated solely to keep the food warm. In total there are nine heat settings. One burner provides rapid boiling capability that is great for fixing food really quick. All in all, this slim size attractive cooktop does not restrict your culinary creativity. Maytag Tough, many people love the button kinds of controls, other professional cooks love to adjust the heat on their electric cooktops with the tactile benefit of knobs. The Maytag MEC9536BS ceramic cooktop enables you to opt for the traditional way of cooking. The Maytag model has a sturdy, die-cast metal knobs which are to use and are located in the front so that you don’t have to reach over anything in order to adjust the heat. It consists of five burners, including the two dual burners and a warming burner, as well as the speed heating setting, thus giving you a variety of cooking options. Samsung Well, Samsung never lags behind when it comes to electric appliances and hence we have the Samsung NZ36K7570RG that is one of the best options that enables you and your family to fulfill any food cravings. From southern hoecakes to bacon and eggs, to the Asians treats, the Samsung cooktop would just be great for your kitchen. It has a bridge element that links two 7 inch burners as a griddle which gives you a hot, oval-shaped area for plenty of good cooking. This glass-ceramic cooktop also includes a rapid boil capability and also allows you to reduce the heat to a gentle level. Moreover, you also get the Wi-Fi connectivity for the cooktop and the Bluetooth controls for the hood. Smart cooking for smarter you!!! :)

The 9 Best Range Hoods of 2020 to Purify the Air of Your Kitchen

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Once the invasion of air pollutants increased, the need for ranging hoods begins. There a lot of reactions taking place when we cook a meal and in-process lots of pollutants are released, but if you wish to keep your environment purified, then you must opt for installing the range hoods. The range hoods avoid the perils of excessive heat as well as airborne pollutants, all thanks to the technological evolution and therefore we have reviewed 9 best range hoods available in the market for you to breath in pure air. Broan Nutone White Range Hood One of the most affordable venting system that gives you the convenience of safe cooking in a pure atmosphere. The best part is that it is very light on your wallet. The unit comes in a variety of finishes, inclusive of the white, black, bisque, and the ever-popular stainless steel to accommodate your kitchen theme. According to the other buyers; “Easy installation with easy interface with the existing vent system. Clear detailed instructions and it looks and works great. Definitely pays to stay with a known brand. No flimsy workmanship.” Cavaliere Wall Mount Range Hood The Cavaliere Wall Mount Range hoods are just perfect for your smart kitchen. This range hood ventilates externally by the default, though it quickly recirculates the air automatically. It gives you full control with up to six-speed settings that are accessible through a touch-sensitive keypad. One of the customers reviewed it as; “This is a high-end vent that is easy to install and works wonderfully. No smokier meals. lol” Firebird European Style Range Hood With its combination of a sleek, stainless steel body covered by a concave glass canopy this Firebird European Style Range Hood is a class in itself. It is one of the stylish range hoods available in the market. In an affordable price, you get a unit that has all the glamour of high-end range hoods. According to the customer; “Beautiful design! A great addition to my new kitchen. Love it. The light on it is nice and bright enjoying it.” GE Profile Range Hood You can easily pluck out this range hood's removable grease filter and drop it in the dishwasher for an easy wash. It has the vibrant halogen lights which improve the visibility and gives a vibrant look to your kitchen at night time cooking. Let’s see what the consumer has inbox about it; “Excellent Rangehood and easy to install. Love that is has 3 settings for both fan speed and lights.” Nutone Range Hood Yet another powerful range hood covers that made up to this list. The Nutone range hood has a 440 cubic feet per minute, which makes it one of the fastest range hood in removing the cooking exhausts. Also, the micromesh filters give the glossy look, thanks to the protective antimicrobial coating. As the review of a consumer says; “Very quiet yet moves a lot of air. Looks very classy in my kitchen.” Whirlpool Standard Range Hood The Whirlpool Standard Range Hood Behold is one the convenient choice for you as it perfectly fits in your kitchen, all thanks to its unique FIT system which helps in eliminating the hassle of measuring and cutting. Its ventilation can also be adjusted either through the roof or the wall. As the consumer says; “It was beautiful!! A perfect fit for my kitchen renovation. Easy to install.” Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED is a perfect choice for you with an attractive appearance and a terrific performance with great value. This is a 30-inch stainless steel wall-mounted range hood that can move air at a rate of 412 CFM. It has an array of features that includes touch control, bright LED lighting, and a three-speed fan as well. According to the consumers; “Well, worth the price! Very happy with this purchase! Works great with Ventilation, 3 speeds. Lights are warm white led lights, with plenty of brightness.” GE Profile PV977NSS The GE Profile PV977NSS is a well-featured, attractive and easy to use and clean Range Hood, which is worth the money you spend. The GE Profile is an island-style range hood with the ducted range of about 450 CFM. It has plenty of power to keep the kitchen grease and smoke-free. It has four fan settings and dual halogen lights. The consumers say about it; “Great product Overall!! Great look!! Works great.” Broan Allure 1 Series The ideal blend of performance, style, and value is Broan Allure 1 Series. It is available in the market as ductless or ducted options. It includes a two-speed fan with bright halogen lighting and gives a quality performance. The Allure 1's is available in 5 colors to complement your kitchen including stainless steel. The reviews say it all; “Works great. Purchased 6 mo. ago. Love the quiet fan with adequate suction.” So these were the 9 best Range Hoods that you can conveniently install in your kitchen and have fun cooking meals in pure and fresh surroundings.

10 Best Washing Machines For a Tidy Wardrobe

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I think all of us should be extremely thankful for washing machines because they have made our lives so much easier! They do not only save us a lot of time but we do not have to spend our energy on washing piles of clothes by our own hands. Plus, there are so many wonderful features available nowadays in washing machines that you will probably get a little surprised in awe. Are you tired of scrubbing stains from your clothes or your dining table cloth? If yes, then here are 10 best washing for you to check out! Kenmore 22352 This top-loader from Kenmore might seem like it is not that good since it does not come with a flashy look or a touch screen display, however, it does the most important thing perfectly and that is removing stains from your clothes smoothly! It’s easy to use so, you do not have to spend your time learning functions at first and figuring out which option does what. However, the downside of owning Kenmore 22352 is that it does have the capacity to wash a big load of laundry in one go and moreover, its appearance is so dull that it fails to stand out among other washing machines. Maytag MHW5500FW 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer The deal-breaker with this washing machine is that it has the capacity to fit 29 towels in one go! I mean, that is pretty amazing isn’t it? Your clothes even come out smelling good due to its Fresh Hold® option and your clothes end up smelling fresh up to 12 hours. Its feature of sanitizing cycle helps to remove 99.9% bacteria from your clothes so; your clothes are not just stainless but also, clean to the point where you do not have to worry about your health. The downside of owning this particular washing machine is only that it is kind of expensive. Electrolux EFLS617SIW 4.4 Cubic Feet Front-Load Washer You will not have to worry about stains ever if you purchase this washing machine without a doubt! It comes with some brilliant stain removing features such as SmartBoost™ technology, the LuxCare™ Wash System, StainSoak™ and Perfect Steam™. This washing machine will give you the chance to spend less time in the laundry room and do its magic on its own. LG Electronics High-Efficiency Top Load Washer This washing machine hardly makes any noise or vibrations and if you get annoyed by these kinds of sounds easily then this is what you should be buying right now. It comes with the warranty of one year and 10 years warranty for the motor! Now, that’s brilliant in all honesty. It also comes with all kinds of wash cycles which make washing of your bedding, towels, and sweaters very easy. You do not have to worry about your beddings or sweaters getting ruined because of this. Whirlpool WFW92HEFC Duet 4.5 Cubic Feet High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with Steam Clean Presoak feature available in this washing machine is simply outstanding! You do not need to spend your timing soaking your clothes in the water before washing them and it will start the wash right away after presoaking it. EcoBoost™ feature present in this washing machine automatically lower water temperatures and gives extra energy productivity to the machine. According to the reviews, many people have written how this washing machine is really hard to use because it comes with very complicated features. Furthermore, it is very costly. Maytag MVWX655DW Bravos 4.3 Cubic Foot High-Efficiency Top Load Washer This washing machine is built to last for a long time because it comes with a 10-year warranty for the motor of the machine. It’s simple and efficient for daily use. No complicated features are present to confuse you. Bulky items can be washed as well in it. The disadvantage of it is that it can be noisy since no sound reduction feature is included and it is only available in white color. LG WT1801HVA LG’s latest washing machine without a doubt comes in the list of the washing machine with the best technology accessible. It is certainly easy on the eyes because of its beautiful exterior. You can even download LG’s application on your android or iPhone and control its options through your cell phone! How cool is that? It might come as a shock but even with its latest technology feature, it fails to remove stains from the clothes properly and if a washing machine can not remove the stains correctly then really what’s the point of getting one? It is also, really expensive. Samsung AddWash WF6500 This is Samsungs super speed washing machine and you can wash a full load in less than 36 minutes only! You can even connect Wi-Fi in it and control the washing machine from your cell phone. You will also receive notifications on your cell phone when your wash cycle is completed. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer This portable washing machine is perfect for you if you live somewhere with less space available or if you move a lot. Up to 3 wash cycles and 3 water levels are included in it. It’s not noisy and performs its jobs just the way it should. Kenmore Elite 41582 Features and design of this washing machine are extraordinary. It's steam functions and wash cycles are impressive. Sadly, it is not really worth it because this washing machine does a really bad job of removing stains and compare to other washing machines it does not really stand out.


9 Best Baby Car Seats to Have a Safe and Comfortable Ride

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Safety of your baby matters the most and to make your baby is safe while you are driving then you need to check these 9 best baby car seats. Britex B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat {{BP-3}} Britex B-Safe’s car seat provides you comfort and safety at the same time. It has quick-adjust head production which absorbs energy and protects your child from collisions. If you are obsessed with the Royal family then you should totally purchase it since Kate and William used the same car seat for their children. Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat {{BP-4}} This baby seat is 25% lighter compared to other baby seats so, you can carry it easily and still provide the best safety and comfort for your baby. However, it can only be used as a rearview baby seat. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat {{BP-9}} This baby car seat comes with the feature of sun protection and a removable insert for newborns! How convenient is that? Perfect for the first time you bring your baby home. Also, you do not have to go through a hard time to install this baby seat. RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat {{BP-10}} This particular baby seat is so comfortable that even you will be envious of the baby sitting on it! It has cloud comfort memory foam and temperature balancing fabric. It comes with HERO feature which protects the baby by positioning the shoulder pads to fit the child’s neck, head, and shoulders. Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc 32Infant Car Seat {{BP-11}} It is one of the safest baby car seats you can own for your baby since it has five-point safety harness with side-impact head protection. It’s constructed in a very suitable way which provides comfort too for your baby. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Infant Car Seat This baby seat is not an ordinary baby seat. It’s luxurious. It has side impact protection which can adjust to six different positions!!!!!! Moreover, it provides extra support for baby’s neck and shoulders. Bonus point is that it is actually very stylish in appearance and since it is made in Italy it has its own certain personality. Make your baby sit in this comfortable and protective baby seat for $300! Maxi Cosi AP Infant Car Seat {{BP-12}} It will make your baby’s car ride easier and safer! It's lightweight and it has patented Air Protect Technology cushions for the protection of the baby. It can be transformed into a stroller too but it does not come with a stroller however, it can be fitted in a stroller. Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat {{BP-13}} This is a stylish safe-haven infant car seat. It is extremely lightweight, weighing under 8 pounds. It comes with a removable drape canopy which protects your baby and your baby’s eyes from the extreme sun and even rains as well. Safety 1st onboard 35 Air+ Infant Car Seat {{BP-14}} Unlike other baby car seats, this baby seat comes with full-body impact protection for your baby! Even if your baby ends up making the car seat dirty, you can take the cushion out and wash it because it consists of a machine-washable seat pad. This beautiful baby seat will not fail to protect and comfort your baby.

5 Best Double Strollers to Make Life Smile on You

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Whether you are the lucky ones to have the twins or just expecting another kid soon, it is your best time to buy a perfect double stroller for your kiddos. The choices are limitless, but first, it's your call to opt between a side to side stroller or a tandem stroller. We know it’s a hard decision. But worry not!! We are here to guide you through the choices you make. Here is the list of 5 best double strollers that makes your life much easier. Delta Children City Street LX Side-by-Side Stroller Let it be a family day out in a park or a leisurely stroll. The Delta Children City Street LX is just perfect for the duo of your kids. This stroller is one of the top choices of the parents due to its high quality and multiple features. The double stroller is just perfect for the kids if you want to take them for a walk. This multi-functional stroller is super lightweight, which makes it much easier to be transported if you are on a trip. The stroller folds up pretty easily and is just a breeze to store for later use. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller Let’s take out your Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double stroller and go for an enjoyable walk in a neighborhood or shop on a busy street market. This front and back seat stroller is the perfect pick for parents who want to enjoy walks with their toddlers. This stroller offers the smooth and perfect ride if you want to take your kids out for a morning workout or an afternoon stroll. The stroller is engineered in such a way that it delivers ease to move even along the narrow paths without any struggle. Also, the seats are quite luxurious and super comfortable for your kids. Thule Urban Glide The Thule Urban Glide is one of the top-rated double jogging strollers for the fitness freak parents who want their kids to tag along while they jog on some calories. It is one of the super quality, smoothest ride for the children even on a very bumpy road. The sleek designed stroller is the eye-catching as well as super functional too. It easily strolls the two tots around with a liability to ditch the diaper bags as it offers a very spacious compartment hiding underneath the seats to store the kids and your belongings. Zoe Deluxe Twin Travel System The Zoe Deluxe Twin Travel system is yet another best stroller that offers full coverage with its multiple features. Along with all the necessary options, this stroller provides a protective sheath for your kids so that the sun or the rain does not bother them at all. It gives you the confidence that your kids are protected and very comfortable on their seats. Do you know what is the coolest part about it? The deluxe stroller just weighs about 16 pounds only and can easily collapse in a pinch. Phewww, So easy!!! Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Duo The Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Duo is also one of the best twin strollers that made up to our list. It is the most luxurious double stroller for your kids that provides the best of comforts to you as well. This luxe stroller is worth the splurge. It is made up of the chic fabric that will have the Mom or the Dad acting like the posh and stylish parent while strolling with the babies. Moreover, the stroller is super functional and it is perfectly a solid choice for you if you're going for the luxurious pick. So these were the 5 best double strollers for the 2018 parents, who are looking for comfort as well as for the luxury.

17 Best Organic Dog Foods 2020 for a Happy & Healthy Dog

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Being a pet parent is one of the most difficult jobs to do. You have to spend a lot of time thinking about the food because it's typically very difficult to know what is best for your pet, especially your dog. Moreover, it is very important that your dog must have an organic diet, which makes the choices much more difficult. Then you also need to ponder on the brands that provide the best nutrition and the flavors that are best for your dog. Most importantly, you should also consider that which food offers the best cost value balance. A long list of considerations, RIGHT!!! But don’t worry, we have a perfect solution for you all. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top organic dog food brands, along with their top competitors, such as the natural dog foods, grain-free options, wholesome and holistic offerings, and high-protein dog foods that have both to offer i.e. the dried kibble and the canned wet food. We have reviewed about 17 organic dog foods for you so that you can read the ingredients lists, dive into the ins-and-outs of the natural vs. grain-free vs. organic dog foods and finally, figure out the most suitable and best natural or organic dog foods available in the market today. Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Dry Dog Food This food is just perfect for the multi-dog households, having no grain-free, organic dog food that is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of both puppies and senior dogs alike. It is basically sourced from the real meat, fish and organic ingredients. This kibble offers a real balance of proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics to nourish your dog's canine health. It guarantees your pup’s healthy intestines as well as the shiny coat. It is available in 2 flavors, i.e. Chicken & Pea, and Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato. It costs about $59-$60 for 30 lbs. to 35 lbs. TruDog Feed Me: Freeze-Dried Raw Organic Dog Food This dried organic dog food is made from very fresh, the real meat of turkey or beef, organ meat, and the bone, which is sourced in the USA. It can either be served as a standalone meal or can be mixed into your dog’s favorite kibble. It is available in two flavors i.e.; Beef Bonanza and Turkey Gourmet Gobbler. It has no preservatives, no fillers, no grains, no coloring, no refined carbs, and no added salt, which makes it a very healthy option. It costs about $26-$29 per 10 oz. to 14 oz. Your dog will definitely love you for this yummy treat. Organix Healthy Weight Adult Dog Food If you feel that your dog is very lazy these days, then you should probably go for the organic dog food that is a bit lower in calories. Hence, this tasty kibble by Organix that is sourced from only organic ingredients is designed to promote a healthy weight in adult dogs. The food does not contain any synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics or added growth hormones. It is available in 1 flavor, i.e. Chicken, Brown Rice & Flaxseed. It is sourced from real, organic chicken, plus organic peas, organic brown rice, salmon meal, and organic flaxseed and does not contain corn, wheat or soy. It is made in the USA and costs about $17-$40 for 5.25 lbs. to 14.5 lbs. Newman’s Own Adult Dog Food Formula You’ve heard of Newman’s Own, but did you know that it’s one of the best organic dog food brands today? With a perfectly fine mixture of protein and fat for your dog, this budget-friendly Kibble contains organic grains and veggies and real chicken as the first ingredient and maintain a healthy diet that adult dogs need. Moreover, this dog-food is 70% organic. It only comes in a single flavor, i.e. Organic Grains & Veggies. It is sourced from organic brown rice, organic vegetables and real meat containing no wheat or corn, and no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. It costs about $18-20 for 7 lbs. or 12.5 lbs. Organix Adult Dry Dog Food This is one of the most well-known organic dog food brands and has lately come up with a flagship product, which is organic dog food made up from real ingredients and has no added growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or antibiotics. Think of it as the food made it home with the scratch, dried into dog-friendly kibble. It is available in one flavor only i.e. Chicken & Brown Rice. The first ingredient in this meal is real, organic chicken with some additional ingredients inclusive of the organic quinoa, organic flaxseed, and other organic, nutrient-rich ingredients. It is made in the USA and is certified by Oregon Tilth, costing about $23-$48 for 5.25 lbs. to 25 lbs. Tuffy Natural Planet Organics Food for Dogs If you are looking for a combo package which is organic and is also sourced from sustainable and humane options, Tuffy Natural Planet Organics should be the brand you opt for. With ingredients including free-range chicken, organic grains, and savory veggies containing high levels of important nutrients (Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, among them), this food provides all the right nourishment your doggy needs. It is available in one flavor i.e. Chicken & Oats and costs about $65 for 25 lbs. Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Entrée for Pets If you want a perfectly well balanced, healthy and grain-free dry dog food, then Natural Ultramix is the perfect choice that offers a wholesome plate of real duck, with real fruits and vegetables. All of these ingredients are gives balanced nutrition, and is an optimal mix of the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your dog needs. It is available in one flavor only, i.e. Duck, Sweet Potatoes and Whole Peas. Moreover, it is very much high in protein with a 100% grain-free kibble that is sourced from real fruits, real veggies and real meat (salmon, chicken, duck or beef). It has no soy, no corn and no wheat at all. It costs about $52 for 25 lbs. and is made in the USA. Natural Planet Organics Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Natural Planet puts together some of the highest quality, grain-free ingredients to build healthy and easy-to-digest foods that your dog will simply not resist. Its blend of land and sea ingredients, like duck + whitefish and rabbit + salmon, naturally provides a balanced meal for your pups. It is available in 2 flavors i.e. Duck & Whitefish, and Rabbit & Salmon which are a 100% grain and gluten-free, for sensitive dogs. Furthermore, it contains non-GMO and organic ingredients. It costs $21-$73 for 5 lbs. to 25 lbs. Natural Planet Organics All Life Stages Dog Formula Specially formulated to comply with the high standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, this organic dog food provides your pups with optimal vitamins, minerals and nutrition to meet all their food needs. Its high-quality ingredients include chicken, fruits, vegetables, and grains promising a well-rounded flavor and nutritional profile. It’s available in only 1 flavor only and that is Chicken & Oats, which costs about $47-$76 for 15 lbs. to 25 lbs. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food This all-natural dog food is formulated for adult dogs, promoting health through balanced ingredients containing high protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. Wellness Complete uses ingredients you feel good about, rather than the ones you don’t – any kind of wheat, corn, soy or artificial ingredients won’t be found in this bag – to promote digestive, bone and joint health, as well as a healthy weight. It comes in 8 varieties, i.e. Chicken & Oatmeal, Lamb & Barley, Puppy, Senior, Whitefish & Sweet Potato, Large Breed, Large Breed Puppy, and Healthy Weight. It costs about $14-$50 for 5 lbs. to 30 lbs. Organix Small Breed Recipe Dry Dog Food Owners of the small-breed dogs know that their pups have special nutritional requirements. Organix Small Breed Recipe provides you with grain-free, organic dog food that lists organic chicken as its number 1 ingredient. As with other Organix brand foods, this nutritional dog food is made in an organically certified kitchen that does not work with any added growth hormones, antibiotics, chemical pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers but only uses natural ingredients. It is available in only 1 flavor only i.e. Chicken & Peas and costs about $15 for 4 lbs. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Well If you are looking for a grain-free and more of natural dog food, then this is definitely something healthy that can end your search. The Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is rich with real ingredients, like turkey, chicken, salmon oils, fruits, and vegetables or the food you’d put on your own table – this natural dog chomp is fortified with fish oils, flaxseed oil, antioxidants, and probiotics, and also contains a full range of vitamins and minerals specifically balanced for your dog’s needs. It comes in 7 varieties, inclusive of Ocean Formula, Original Formula, Puppy Formula, Reduced Fat Formula, Small Breed Formula, Wild Game Formula, and Large Breed Formula. It costs about $12-$59 for 4 lbs. to 26 lbs. AvoDerm Natural Small Breed Dog Food Small pups have big needs! This natural dog food, specially formulated for underweight dogs, uses high-quality ingredients which include omega-rich avocados, for the provision of optimal nutrition. You won’t find any artificial colors, corn, wheat or soy, but you will find actual protein, antioxidants, brown rice, and vegetables in this puppy munch. It is available in 2 varieties, i.e. Puppy and Adult and it costs about $14-$19 for 3.5 lbs. or 7 lbs. Organix Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Finding a grain-free, organic dog food that your dogs actually want to eat can be tough, but Organix has got you covered. With 100% high-quality organic ingredients, this dry kibble is an appetizing doggy menu of organic vegetables, chicken and lentils above all it doesn’t contain any growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, or chemical pesticides like in many other dog foods. It is available in 1 flavor, i.e. Chicken & Potato. It costs about $33-$56 for 12 lbs. to 22 lbs. Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Pet owners know how difficult it can be when your pup suffers from food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities. Enter this limited-ingredient kibble from Wellness, this all-natural dog food features a single-source protean (real, high-quality salmon) and mixes in easily digestible carbohydrates for balanced nutrition without your dog's tummy is upset. Moreover, you won’t find any fillers, gluten, wheat or artificial additives which can also cause disturbed digestion. It is available in 6 flavors, i.e. Duck & Oatmeal, Healthy Weight Salmon & Peas, Lamb & Oatmeal, Salmon & Potato, Small Breed Salmon & Potato, and Turkey & Potato and costs about $15-$50 for 4.5 lbs. to 24 lbs. Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs If you are looking for a very natural and healthy diet for your dog than Diamond Naturals is a very good choice as it is made with more than 50% human-grade meat, packed with digestive enzymes, antioxidants and other ingredients (including guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium) to promote optimal canine health. This food contains no wheat, soy, corn, grain fractions, or other fillers. It is available in 3 flavors, i.e. Beef, Chicken, and Lamb and costs about $37-$60 for 40 lbs. Organix Large Breed Recipe Dry Dog Food Big dogs have special nutritional needs, as well! This certified organic dog food contains the highest quality natural ingredients, like organic free-range chicken and savory vegetables, to get your pup’s bowl clean of all the leftovers every time. Like all Organix brand kibble, this food contains no fillers, no wheat, no soy, and no corn, basically all the ingredients you would avoid in a dog-food. All ingredients are produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or added growth hormones that might harm your pup in any way. It is only available in one flavor, i.e. Chicken, Brown Rice & Flaxseed. All the ingredients are natural, certified organic, including organic, free-range chicken, which also includes organic fruits, organic vegetable, and organic grains. It costs about $55 for 25 lbs. So, these were the 17 best healthy options for your dog that will keep your pet happy!!!