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1. About Us

Voucherful.co.uk is a website that lists and offers information about voucher codes, discounts, deals, promotions and sales for third-party online stores. The service offered by Voucherful.co.uk is completely free and anyone can use it.

Voucherful.co.uk does not sell goods or services listed on Voucherful.co.uk. If you have questions regarding a voucher or an offer you must contact the shop directly.

2. Vouchers

Information about the vouchers that are listed on Voucherful.co.uk may differ from offers that are listed in online stores. Voucherful.co.uk takes no responsibility for inaccurate information or expired vouchers. While we try our best to provide vouchers that are valid, our database might contain vouchers that are expired or do not work.

The user is responsible for the use of vouchers from Voucherful.co.uk. Voucherful.co.uk cannot be held responsible for misuse or errors in the information listed on Voucherful.co.uk.

3. Account

Voucherful.co.uk enables its users to create an account designed to easily keep track of vouchers for the online stores a user wants. Creating a Voucherful.co.uk account is completely free and takes only a few minutes.

When you create a Voucherful.co.uk account you agree to receive updates to your email address.

4. Email alerts/Newsletter

Voucherful.co.uk provides its users the ability to subscribe to email alerts for online stores. This way, a user will receive an email alert each time a new voucher for the online store a user wishes to receive notifications for pops up.

To manage or turn off email notifications for an online store, a user must create an account or use the link at the bottom of the email user received. Such link is provided in every email sent out by Voucherful.co.uk.

It is recommended that a user only subscribes to a limited number of web stores not to be overwhelmed with notifications from all the online stores listed on Voucherful.co.uk. Log in or use the link at the bottom of the email to change or stop the email notifications.

5. Unsubscribe/Delete Account

If you wish to unsubscribe or delete your account at Voucherful.co.uk please contact us through your account using the contact form Voucherful.co.uk/contact. After deleting an account we do not keep any information about it or its owner. It is therefore not possible to recover a deleted account.

6. Privacy

Voucherful.co.uk is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the site. Voucherful.co.uk is the sole owner of the information collected on the site. Voucherful.co.uk will not sell, share or rent this information to others in ways different than described in the privacy statement. Read more about the information we collect in our privacy statement: Voucherful.co.uk/privacy-policy.html

7. Your Consent

By using Voucherful.co.uk you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page. If we add or change our terms and conditions, the new guidelines at any time will be available on this page.

Should there be any questions regarding our terms and conditions, you are welcome to contact us through email. Please use our contact form: https://www.voucherful.co.uk/get-in-touch