5 Projector Screens To Buy In 2019 For Your Home Or Office


Your projector will be pretty much useless if it does not have a good projector screen to display whatever you want to show or watch. Nobody wants to call their friends or family over only to make them go through the experience of a bad projector screen and get embarrassed in front of everyone. Not to forget you do not want to be the person in the office known as someone who brought a tacky screen projector which led your clients not to sign a deal with you. I am sure you do not want to be known as that person.


So, for you to avoid these embarrassing situations you must check out these 5 finest projector screens and select one that fits your priorities best.


Elite Screens Manual B Series

Elite’s Screen Manual B series is 100 inches long with a textured matte white surface. It is very easy to clean and set up. It also comes with a warranty of two years. It’s affordable and there is not a single downside of owning this projector screen.


There is an auto-locking system in this projector screen which allows you to make height adjustments according to what you prefer is suitable. However, this series is not recommended for Ultra-short throw projectors.


Celexon Tripod Projector Screen

This projector screen is attention-grabbing because it is so lightweight you can carry it anywhere with you and it is foldable as well! It has fiberglass fabric which ensures good picture quality and you can assemble the screen very quickly because of the tripod which comes along with it. You will be able to purchase this lovely projector in under just $99!


Pyle PRJTP Video Projector Screen

Pyle’s screen projector is extremely lightweight and very suitable for tiny spaces. It does not require much room and that is why you can carry it easily to your workplace or your home. It is a 40-inch viewing screen with a steel folding tripod.


Additionally, one of the customers of this product said and I quote "Smaller screen 40 inches’ but that is its charm. Not for everyone. Well, build, delivery on time. Easy to pack and store. Best in price and bang for the buck. A lot of value, and easy function.


Also, it is available with a one-year warranty and it only costs $53!


Excelvan Outdoor Portable Movie Screen

Specifically, this projector screen is in simple words is right for the office and home usage but it has too many flaws on its own. According to its buyers, it is really heavy and people go through a very hard time while putting it up on the wall.


However, it is really cheap. Costing you around $27 so, if you want to use a screen projector just once and do not require it afterward then you can purchase it because you wouldn’t want to go for something which is expensive in that situation.


Silver Ticket Products STR-169

Silver’s projector screen comes in various sizes and you can watch HD and 3-D content very easily on it. The screen has an aluminum frame but no tripod so; you will have to arrange a way of putting it up on the wall.


It has a woven acoustic screen which makes it possible for the speakers to be put behind the viewing area. It is built perfectly for you to watch a movie on it. Most of the customers seem to be satisfied with this projector’s screen because they have said things such as "Thank you for producing such a high-quality product at an affordable price." "Easy to install and looks amazing!" 


You can buy this screen for $330 and considering the qualities of this projector’s screen, I think it is worth the price.