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August 18, 2020

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    5 Best Electric Cooktops of 2020 to Keep Your Cooking Hassle Free


    Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen according to the new standards? Or Are you irritated with the hassle of gas cooktops? then, surely you must opt for the electric cooktops that give an elegant look to your kitchen and is really very convenient.


    While shopping for electric cooktops, the most essential aspect to consider its versatility. The best ceramic cooktops available in the market includes many different burner configurations in a very limited space. However, some of the other cooktops have dual or triple burners that can perfectly fit with the size of the pot only.


    Also, you must consider the wattage. As, the electric cooktops should have at least one burner that reaches about 3,000 watts, thus enabling you to reach a fast boil. To help you out we have prepared the 7 best electric cooktops that allow you to cook without any hassle.



    Electrolux is one of a well-known name when it comes to best kitchen appliances and the Electrolux EI36EC45KS is not an exception. The sleek designed cooktop which takes up considerable space on your counter is the best option if you are looking for versatility.


    The cooktop is of 36.75 inches wide and 21.75 inches deep made up of glossy black ceramic that comprises five burners. It features two double or triple heating elements so that you can easily use the pots and pans of differing sizes. The quick-boil feature is of 3,200 watts on one burner, thus it has a total of 19 power levels and 25 push-button preset options.


    The KitchenAid KECC667BSS is yet another best electric cooktop that takes about 36 inches of the space on your counter. It has a huge triple burner with two double burners and two single burners, which makes a total of nine different heating configurations.


    This is also a ceramic cooktop that also offers the simmer and melt functions for your convenience. So now, you can enjoy making sauces, melting chocolate for the desserts and other low-heat tasks.


    All of the five burners feature rapid boiling, thus allowing you to prepare a multitude of dishes simultaneously, without worrying that one will either burn or be undercooked.



    If you are looking for a cooktop that is small in size, yet looks classy in your kitchen then you must opt for the LG LCE3010SB. This cooktop is of 30 inches only, however, it features about five radiant heat burners, the two of which have dual size heating elements, while the other three can be used for general cooking. Also, one 6-inch burner is dedicated solely to keep the food warm.


    In total there are nine heat settings. One burner provides rapid boiling capability that is great for fixing food really quick. All in all, this slim size attractive cooktop does not restrict your culinary creativity.


    Tough, many people love the button kinds of controls, other professional cooks love to adjust the heat on their electric cooktops with the tactile benefit of knobs. The Maytag MEC9536BS ceramic cooktop enables you to opt for the traditional way of cooking.


    The Maytag model has a sturdy, die-cast metal knobs which are to use and are located in the front so that you don’t have to reach over anything in order to adjust the heat. It consists of five burners, including the two dual burners and a warming burner, as well as the speed heating setting, thus giving you a variety of cooking options.



    Well, Samsung never lags behind when it comes to electric appliances and hence we have the Samsung NZ36K7570RG that is one of the best options that enables you and your family to fulfill any food cravings.


    From southern hoecakes to bacon and eggs, to the Asians treats, the Samsung cooktop would just be great for your kitchen. It has a bridge element that links two 7 inch burners as a griddle which gives you a hot, oval-shaped area for plenty of good cooking.


    This glass-ceramic cooktop also includes a rapid boil capability and also allows you to reduce the heat to a gentle level. Moreover, you also get the Wi-Fi connectivity for the cooktop and the Bluetooth controls for the hood.


    Smart cooking for smarter you!!! :)