17 Best Fishing and Recreation Boats to Buy in 2019


Everyone has something they are obsessed about or in general love a lot and if you are someone who loves fishing and recreation boats-then you need to check out these 17 best fishing and recreation boats which you can purchase.



This basic fishing boat comes with a center seat with gravity-fed storage. It has a stainless steel bow eye and two transom handles along with two bench seats. It’s strongly built and has got a flat bottom. Transom train plug is also included in it to make sure you are able to drain out the water from the boat.

It’s a boat which is going to last for many years to come if it’s taken care of properly. Purchase this boat and you will have a smooth ride guaranteed.



You can call this boat versatile because it has so many different features included in it. It has its own formed in spray rails, formed in keels and formed transom corner caps. The bench seats are somewhat large and big enough for two people to sit on each bench. It is very economic friendly considering how good this fishing boat is.



Lowe’s V1667WT is a boat made for you to enjoy fishing. It has a split center and a split stern seat along with two bench seats. Talk about being spacious. Features such as full-length center keel, four heavy-duty keels and transom corner castings with handles are a part of this boat. This boat is probably what you should be purchasing if you are looking for a spacious plus a multi-featured boat.


Alumacraft Escape 145 Tiller

Do you want to go fishing? Are you looking for some time to relax in the middle of the ocean? Well, you can do both of these things if you purchase this beautiful boat. It has over-sized rod holders and a live well. You even get a lot of space for storage as well in it. It might be a bit expensive but it’s worth the price if you love boats.


Alumacraft bass 165 Prowler

Fish like the pro that you are or just simply enjoy a relaxing boat ride in your free time by using this boat! It has got an extra-large front deck with lockable rod storage for you to store your things.

This boat makes sure that you enjoy your time when you are in the lake or an ocean.



This boat is able to stand out in comparison to others because 16 oz charcoal marine carpet is included in it. A proper control panel with switches is also present in it which lets you take a ride on your boat with ease. It has a separated bow fishing deck with 23 gals and an aerated live well.

Moreover, the factory-installed motor works brilliantly and it is able to provide you with trolling motor options.


Alumacraft Escape 165

This top-class quality boat is for sure one of the best boats available in the market. It is really easy to tow and you are able to get in the water really quickly.  It has features like a huge lighted Livewell, larger than life storage space and large side rod holders. Fire extinguisher, Manual bilge pump, and stowable running lights are also included in the boat.

Vinyl flooring is done all over the boat which gives it a really sophisticated look. You may use this boat for water sports or just fishing, it’s totally up to you.


Alumacraft Classic 165 Tiller

Alumacraft’s classic boat is 16 foot long with some amazing features included in it. It is really easy to tow this boat and overall, it gives you perfect performance. It has interior courtesy lights, stowable running lights, and even a Livewell light! So, darkness will not really be a problem for this boat. 

The boat is large enough for you to go on a ride with your family or just simply go fishing with your friends and make the most of this boat.



People who love fishing will end up loving this boat because of two reasons; it has a Lowrance fishfinder and a large fishing deck with Livewell present in it. Floors of the boat are covered in charcoal marine carpet that gives out a very sleek look. The control panel of the boat has got switches and even a horn as well.

Four pedestal seats are included in it along with a driver and passenger seat, giving you loads of space to have a comfortable ride and making it easier for you to fish while sitting on the pedestal seat.


Ranger RT178

This boat might not be spacious enough to include a lot of people in it but it is perfect for the use of someone who goes alone for fishing. A recessed trolling motor pedal is included on the front deck along with storage space available for tackle and gear. The forward deck has got a removable cooler and another storage space as well. You can use that cooler to keep your fishes fresh or just to keep your drinks cold.

The seating of the cockpit is custom built with the material of premium marine-grade upholstery which makes sitting on it a very comfortable experience. You will find another storage space under the seats where you store your equipment and various other things. You will be surprised to know that there is another storage compartment available in the rear deck as well!!!!!!!!!! This boat provides you with a high-quality experience along with features that make your journey in the lake/ocean smooth and very productive. Its storage space is amazing and can save you from the trouble of running out of places to store things.



12 V trolling motor available in the boat gives the boat a really fast speed and a spectacular performance. You can use it for water sports for which you are most likely to win if you are riding Lowe’s FM 165 PRO. You can even fish as much as you want while you are in this boat because it has a bow fishing deck with 20 gals aerated live well and an aft fishing deck with 19 gals aerated live well. The boat is available in two-tone paint options so, you can pick the tones according to your liking.

You can even plug and then play instruments on the boat and let yourself enjoy the musical ride in the middle of the ocean or a lake. It is built to survive tough situations so you can count on it always to keep you safe.


Alumacraft Pro 185

This boat might not look like its big enough to give you the performance and features you are looking for but I can assure you that it’s an amazing performance and features will surprise you. It does not matter if you are professional or just a beginner, either way, you are going to love this boat. It has hydraulic steering and a 36 V trolling system. The boat has dual aerated live wells along with timers included in it.

Moreover, auto bilge pump and manual bilge pump both are present in it so you can use the one you prefer.  Driver’s seat slider is also present which makes driving a really smooth task.  Optional features such as which brand engine you want inside it and what type of flooring you want are all up to you. All you have to do is let the company know what you prefer.


Alumacraft Competitor 175 Tiller

This boat is simply beautiful. You lay your eyes on it and you just think about purchasing it. It’s extremely spacious and has got the capacity to store 8-foot rod. Another 8-foot storage compartment port is present in it, providing you with tons of space for you to store your equipment, drinks or fishes. It even has a compartment just for battery storage so your batteries can stay safe from all the water. Trolling system can work with the volt ranges of 12-24.

For you to see clearly while fishing there is Livewell lights included in the aerated live well so you do face any problems while fishing. Extra standard features such as fire extinguisher, grab handles and horn are all part of the boat as well. The boat is covered with carpeted flooring but if you do not wish to have a carper floor, you can always remove it.


SX 190

You look at this boat and all you can think of how luxurious it is. Not to brag or anything but IT HAS GOT A STREO FEATURE IN IT!!!! Yup, I am as serious as someone can be. It is available in two wonderful colors red and black.  It has an in-floor storage system which lets you keep all your equipment or whatever extra stuff you need to store. 

There’s even bow seating feature present in it which comes with cup holders and backrest cushions that allow you to relax and just enjoy. Its articulating keel helps the boat with its stability while it’s near the dock. You will not regret purchasing this. 


190 FSH

Anyone who gets to ride this boat and control it at the same time will be very happy because it has a customizable helm which makes the fishing experience amazing for you. The boat is available in black and white colors and it’s designed beautifully. It has a wide bow which has a storage space present inside it along with insulated fish box and an anchor locker. 

Swim platform comes along with it as well with a pump which is able to clean out the port. It’s padded deck sitting and riding on it a comfortable journey. If you are looking for something simple with the best updates qualities then this is what you should be aiming to get!


AR 190

If you are more than just into fishing then this boat will be ideal for you because you can even participate in water sports if you are interested in that type of things. It’s fast and has got a cockpit seating area which is spacious enough for eight people to sit!!!! The flooring of the boat comes with carpeted floors but if you are not a carpet kind of a person then you can easily remove them too. 

Oversized in-floor storage space is also present for you to keep your things and its 1.8-liter high output Yamaha marine engine makes the boat long-lasting and reliable. 


190 FSH Deluxe 

This boat has got no bad quality. It’s perfect in every way there is. It’s available in black color only which makes it appear really sleek. It has a bimini top and a captain’s post which lets you enjoy the boat ride even on a very sunny day! It comes with a bow pedestal seat which is very convenient for you to sit on while you are fishing or just relaxing and enjoying your view. 

Very spacious storage is a part of the boat as well, allowing you to keep your equipment and a 5-gallon bucket can even fit inside it perfectly!!! The insulated fish box is the best feature of this boat because it’s so big that you will keep all the fishes you catch without any problems inside it. This boat is definitely worth all the money you will spend on it.

All the boats are perfect in their own way, at the end of the day it all depends on what kind of boat you want and what really is your range. Hoping one of these boats is able to make your fishing and relaxing time as much fun as you wish it to be.