10 x Oral-B Precision brush heads


10 x Oral-B Precision brush heads

Radiant smile, the day after tomorrow can bite powerfully, in the morning Bert, in the evening Ernie - you know all the felt 125000 dental care slogans that pounce on us every day. But as annoying as advertising sometimes is, it really lies in this case: brushing your teeth is just important. Unless, of course, you prefer to eat soup anyway, have the pain of a Chuck Norris and no interest in finding a loving partner.


And so we would have arrived at the core of Pudel, namely our today's Oral-B Precision replacement brush deal. Because if you're smart, you're already dressing electrically anyway. And whoever is cleverer, changes the brush head every three or four months.


With this ten-pack of brush heads, you are so easily supplied for three years! By the way, Oral-B Precision brush heads are compatible with all Oral-B electric toothbrushes with a round brush head (rotating, rotating-pulsating).



Brand: Oral-B 

Type: Oral-B Precision brush heads 

Warranty: 2 years


Compatible with Oral-B electric toothbrushes with round brush head

Indicator bristles signal the change of the brush head

Highly recommended by the iBood toothbrush expert team

29% more bristles 

13% more bristle density 

New, softer filaments 

Innovative brush head design for effective plaque removal and gum line message