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Launched in July 2003, is a Swedish clothing company and currently the no. 1 online fashion retailer in the whole of the Nordic region. With over 800 designer brands and over 20 private label brands, offers a vast selection of the latest fashion, lingerie and beauty for men, women and kids across the globe.

Let help you discover designer brands, such as Gap, Naomi Campbell, Adidas, GOSH, Agent Provocateur, Guess, Vivienne Westwood, and many more fantastic and reputable names. Shoppers throughout the Europe love the Nelly’s selection of swimwear, nightwear and basic clothing, which includes party dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts, leggings, and other must-have item that should be included in every woman’s wardrobe. Apart from clothes, Nelly offers beauty products, indispensible designer accessories and shoes to complete an outfit.

For men who wish to break out of the boring casual style, offers a unique collection of jumpers & cardigans for colder weather, blazers, jackets and elegant suits, and many more. At men can also purchase all kinds of shoes, suitable for every occasion, as well as bags and accessories: classic belts or traditional watches.

What is more, the store offers affordable clothing and accessories for any age, including newborns and older children. Kids’ apparel features jumpers, trousers, jackets, dresses, shirts, shoes perfect for every season. offers comfortable & trendy apparel that every child will love.

At you will also find the latest fashion for mums. The store offers a wide range of chic and fashionable maternity clothes, especially adapted for pregnant women. Mums-to-be will find there a huge choice of dresses, jackets, leggings, jeans as well as a unique selection of breast feeding clothes. All clothes designed for future mums available at are smart, stylish and above all, practical.

Shop today at and enjoy these high quality products and attractive prices. Use our Nelly discount codes and vouchers to fill up your wardrobe without hurting your pockets. is a clothing company originating from Sweden. It was created in 2003 and at the moment is the biggest and the most popular fashion retailer in the Nordic region. The company specialises in fashion as well as beauty for men, women and kids.

Nelly offers products of the highest possible quality. The names of the brands that you can find at the Nelly website will confirm it. Gap, Adidas and Naomi Cambell are only a few of the most popular brands that you can enjoy while shopping at Nelly. Apart from the wide choice of top quality products, you can also be absolutely sure about the always-eager-to-help customer service and the low cost of deliveries!


Shop today at and enjoy these high quality products and attractive prices. Use our Nelly discount codes and vouchers to fill up your wardrobe without hurting your pockets.

How to use Nelly discount codes

Isn’t it annoying when you want to buy something just perfect for you and it’s always a little too expensive? We have a solution for your problem. By visiting our website you can save money while buying in How is it possible? Voucher codes are the answer. The following instruction contains all necessary information, read it carefully and follow the steps. If you prefer a fast training, skip the text and you will find a short version at the bottom.

Step 1.

Think for a moment, do you want to pay too much or maybe you want to save? Only those who aren’t feeling well at the moment of shopping would rather overspend so choose the second option. Search for in our search engine.

Step 2.

You are redirected to the page with all the discounts offered by the shop. Not all of them though are valid, some of them are expired. Look for the red ones, they are always placed at the top. You can find two types of red buttons:


hidden code

This type of button points to a discount where a voucher code is obligatory. You will be informed where to use it.


click for discount

This type of button points to a general discount offered by the shop and you don’t have to enter anything to pay less.

Step 3.

Now look a little closer at the available discounts, read the short descriptions and think which of them you like the most. The descriptions contain information concerning the type of discount and what products may be bought at a reduced price. When you choose a discount, click the button.

Step 4.

You are now on the shop’s website. But there’s also an element that has been designed by us in order to make the shopping easier. Look at the bar at the top of the website. It’s there with all the necessary information the whole time you’re doing your shopping. The information may vary depending on what you have just clicked:

If you clicked the REVEAL THE CODE button, you will see a field with the voucher code, you will use it later

If you clicked the GET THE DEAL button, you will see a note that there’s a general discount

WARNING: If you can’t see the’s website but only the bar, you must disable the AdBlock extension. Then refresh the page.

Step 5. (from now on we will follow the REVEAL THE CODE button)

Now everything is clear and you can finally start doing the shopping. This won’t be that easy. has a tremendous amount of products on offer. Consult Facebook and latest fashion magazines to learn what is all the rage. After hours spent on browsing through the shop’s website, you have to make a decision. We are sure you have chosen something very special. The moment you know all the details of the product and you are determined to buy it, click ADD TO NellyPING BAG.

Step 6.

In the shopping bag, click GO TO CHECK OUT.

Step 7.

Now it’s the time to use the voucher code that will save your money. Look for the area with the code. There’s a special field where you must enter the code. Remember though that this is a specific area. In other shops you may find it somewhere else and apart from this the name may be different. But we are sure that you will be successful.

Enter the code in the right field. Just to remind you, the code is all the time on our bar. Copy it or just type it. Then click ACTIVATE. The price is reduced.

Step 9.

Continue to purchase the product. If you have an account, sing in. If you are a new customer, you have to register. There are many fields that you have to fill in with your details. Do it carefully or else you will have to repeat everything one more time. When you are ready, click CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD.

Step 10.

The following part of shopping isn’t that pleasant, you have to spend your money. But thanks to us the sum that will disappear from your bank account isn’t that large! The last thing you have to do is to CONFIRM PURCHASE.

Step 11.

The shopping is done. The voucher code was applied and you finally didn’t overspend. You can open that bottle of wine that you have kept for a special occasion and celebrate your wonderful shopping. Go quickly to the nearest cake shop and buy one additional cake for the courier who is on the way to you.


  • Go to and search for
  • Choose a product and proceed to checkout.
  • In checkout, activate the promotional code.
  • Fill in the required fields.
  • Pay and celebrate the shopping at a lower price.


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