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About Boohoo

Boohoo is an online shop that offers fashion of the highest quality. It delivers the purchase all around the world. No matter where you live, Boohoo will always find you! Women will find the online shop a paradise. With a never-ending list of categories and styles, one can spend there a whole day looking for stylish clothes. To make the shopping easier and less stressing, Boohoo prepares collections representing various styles and trends. Therefore all kinds of women can find there something for themselves. For example, instead of browsing through the enormous women’s section, you can visit Holiday Shop, Denim Shop or check out Occasion Wear and Work wear. If you want to save some money, that’s not a problem, either. Boohoo reduces prices of its products all the time by offering Boohoo promotional codes on a regular basis. And new stuff is coming in on a daily basis! Let’s not forget about men, because there’s also a section dedicated to them. They can also visit various shops and choose the perfect style. Staying fashionable has never been so easy.

Boohoo is a UK fashion retailer that is famous for its trend-led clothing at good prices. Boohoo can boast a wide selection of celebrity and catwalk inspired clothing and loads of new looks arriving daily. Their aim is to create a fashion forward females and offer the very latest styles in clothing and accessories for trendy and fashion-conscious females.

At boohoo you can shop the following categories:

  • Womens
  • Mens
  • Sale
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Trends

There are also two additional categories, a seasonal one, e.g. Christmas, where you can find the Christmas inspired clothing, accessories and gift ideas, as well as New In category, which includes all the latest additions to the Boohoo collection.

How to use BOOHOO voucher codes

If you like buying good quality clothes, but you still think that they are much overpriced, we have a perfect solution for you! If you hate wasting your time in long queues at the checkout, there is as way to avoid it! Online shopping with our discount vouchers allows our customers to save their time and their money at the same time. We offer a number of discount codes which cut the prices of your purchases, while you are shopping online. How attractive is that?

In order to learn how to make use of our offer, follow the instruction below. The shorter version of the instruction is provided at the end.

Step One:

Think carefully and decide which one you prefer to do: waste your money and your time, or maybe save them both? If the answer to this question is the latter, we have good news! You’ve just took the right direction.

Step Two:

Visit our website, look for Boohoo in the browse and enter it. You will be presented with a long list o promotions available thanks to Smart as you are, you will easily notice that they are arranged in the order form the most active at the top, to the least active at the bottom. All the promotions are described in great detail, informing you about their terms and conditions.


You will also see that there are two types of the promotional buttons, which you will have to click in order to reach the promotion:


hidden code

This button means that you will reach the discount area where no voucher code is needed.


click for discount

button means that our website offers a special voucher code, which will allow our clients to get their purchases at a reduced price which you have to enter in the checkout section.

Remember that only the promotions with red buttons are active.

Step Three:

Enter the promotion. This will redirect you to the webpage of Boohoo. It will be as if you reached their website in a normal way, only that the yellow window border (a very helpful one, you will see) will remind you that you accessed it via This border provides you with the most unique discount code that will cut the price of your purchases by some amount. The code will be available only after you entered the promotion with “Reveal The Code”, since the other one is generally available to all customers of Boohoo, and no code is required. The code will be needed at the checkout, so you can forget about the yellow window border for a moment. It will be displayed at you screen all the time, so please, don’t worry that you may forget its contents.

Step Four:

Bearing in mind the terms and conditions of your promotions, choose the items you want to buy. You are allowed to add as many items to your bag as you wish. Remember to select their size. If you are not up-to-date with the recent fashion trends, you may make use of a number of matches that will suit your choice.




Then, enter the basket. Your shopping list will be displayed there with the final total price summed up at the bottom. Make sure that you want to buy all those items, and that you selected the right size and quantity of them. Then enter the checkout. If you are not a registered user, you will be asked to register. After you go through the registration process, you will be asked to provide the voucher code (if needed). Quick look at the border at the top of the screen, copy the code, paste it in the space provided – and in this simple way you just reduced your spending at Boohoo.

Step Five:

At the delivery details section you will be asked to provide some of your personal data required for the transaction. Remember to fill all of the obligatory gaps. It is very important for the delivery to reach the right address.

Then move to the section where you will have to establish the preferred method of payment. Again, you will have to fill all of the required gaps. Then you will be redirected to your online bank account. Pay for your purchases and thus complete your transaction.

Step Six

Now, all you have to do it be patient and wait for your delivery. Its time will depend on the delivery preferences that you selected in step 6.

In short:

  • Find Boohoo at our website.
  • Choose the kind of promotion that is most profitable for you.
  • Choose the product and type the promotional voucher in the space specially provided for it (only if the voucher is required).
  • Give all the data required and confirm the transaction.


Contact Info

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  • Wasabi Frog Limited, 49/51 Dale Street Manchester England M1 2HF

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