7 Best Studio Headphones Under $200


For any professional or an individual with a hobby of playing music on a very strict budget, we have researched on the best pair of headphones that can be used in the studio for recording and the best part is this that the pair comes under $200 budget.


So, just sit back and relax as we have brought a list of best studio headphones under $200 for you to opt from.



Sony is the best brand for audio, thus our top choice was the Sony MDR7506, which is very cheap and is of good quality. However, these are recommended for the low budget rookies who have planned to penetrate the market or for an enthusiast who loves to record music. This pair of headphones should be the first choice or your first set in the long run.


Coming up to the features of Sony MDR7506, first of all, I would declare that it is a very comfortable and sturdy pair of headphones. A lot of features that can be found in expensive models is already present in Sony MDR7506, which is inclusive of the coiled cords under 10 ft. and the adaptors to switch to your smartphone frequency ranges.


 The sensitivity of this pair is 106 dB having 40-millimeter drivers, that gives a boost to the songs.  Moreover, the design is lightweight and can be worn for long hours. Hence, Sony MDR7506 is the best choice in a very low budget.



The second best choice that I personally come to is none other than the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. This is where I stopped searching for the tons of other brands that are feasible and within the budget. However, I feel like the cost is more competitive for the quality it gives.


The design is so comfortable that not only the ear cups rotate 90 degrees but it can be folded up into the band that keeps it safe while traveling.  This pair of headphones is what I was looking for and I couldn’t help but bought it for my friend as well. The best thing about it is that every single piece can be replaced as long as the drivers are not destroyed.


The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO is not a lightweight design that is 16 ounces, which is one of its drawbacks as it cannot be used for long hours. However, the foamy cushions on the ear cups make it very comfortable and can be easily molded around your ears.


The pair has the adaptors, long cord, replaceable parts. Moreover, it can reduce the outside noise by 32 dB and has a wide frequency response that covers the entire human spectrum i.e. from 8 to 25 kHz, which makes it possible to hear it all even with minimal distraction.



The Audio Technica ATH-M40X is yet another masterpiece in a very low budget. I enjoyed this pair a lot as well. The padding at the headband is very comfortable, however, it is very much similar to Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.


It has the same feature of rotating and folding the ear cups. Moreover, on Amazon, it comes with a hardshell case. However, this pair is much lighter than the Sennheiser's. It is about 9 ounces. Also, the cable that comes with it is detachable, which is cool because it keeps the jack from tearing or distorting. 


Moreover, the cable is easily replaceable, if lost. Also, the ear cups can be replaced if it gets worn out after use. This pair has also quite a good quality in regard to the sonic. Hence, it is another perfect pair for a rookie or a music enthusiast to start from. 



If you are looking for extreme isolation, then you are better off with the Direct Sound EX-29. If you literally put this pair on while playing drums, then you would be able to shun the sound of drums easily.


The EX-29 pair boasts about 29 dB of isolation, which keeps the backing track from bleeding into the microphones. The pair comes in only black or white color option which is quite cool. However, I feel that it is heavy and tight, which was very irritating for me, but one thing is for sure that it does not fall off.


In regards to the sonic quality, its frequency response does not reach beyond 20 kHz which I feel is the lack of music. One more thing, you have to handle it with care as the plastic is kind of thin on the headband.



The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is yet another pair that has a quality design, which makes it very comfortable. The padding is very soft and can be easily worn for long hours. But the earpiece very thin plastic on it.  Though, it comes with 2 years warranty.


What I personally loved about this pair is its sonic quality, which comprises of the incredible bass response. The bass is just perfect and accurate, even without an amplifier. However, it is little on a high-end side, but I think it's worth the price.


This pair is just perfect for mixing. The frequency response is very extensive which goes well above and below the human spectrum. Moreover, each part of it is replaceable.


AKG K 701

AKG K 701 is yet another pair of headphone that is made of good quality. The band of it is leather which keeps the burden of the structure off of your head.  The ear cups are however large, but it offers solid comfort during long hours of use.


This audio it delivers has also the best quality with the unique boast that gives a pleasant experience of listening to the music.   However, with this pair, it is necessary to use a headphone amplifier because it does not even come with the 1/8th-inch adaptor.


Though I feel like it is best used as mixing headphones, the downside is that the open back leak some sound.  It is not the worst but still, it can have backing tracks leaking into the mic recordings.



The Samson SR850's is another comfortable pair with good quality of sound. I used this pair as a rookie and was totally amazed by its quality. They are pretty good at very low budget relatively. 

This pair, however, has not a deep bass but the open back gives some nice punch in the upper bass with the kick drums.  The mids and highs are very well though. Undoubtedly, it is a cheap option which bests for a rookie or a music enthusiast.



We all know that the Sony MDR7506 is very cheap and gives good quality. Its features involve a comfortable and sturdy pair of headphones. Moreover, the sensitivity of this pair is 106 dB having 40-millimeter drivers, that gives a boost to the songs. But the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is yet another pair with quality design and replaceable parts. The bass response of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is beyond perfect even without an amplifier.


Both of these pair is just perfect that just comes under $200. With very extensive frequency response and high quality. To be honest, it is quite a difficult decision to choose between the two.



We know that the entire point of professional headphones is not to have the thumping bass or to look cool.  It is all about experiencing the music in its true essence, regardless of the non-colored, cheap or least exaggerated version of the pair of headphones.


It is possible that whatever you are listening to is even the best studio monitors that cannot deliver without acoustic treatment.  This is because you can critically listen and make precise tweaks or changes to your recordings or mixes.