Microwave Ovens Buying Guide for 2019


Buying a microwave oven is itself a tedious task because there is not only a budget that you have to take care of but other uproars as well. In order to purchase the best microwave oven, one must particularly focus on its type, style, features, sizing and of course its price.


Today microwave has become an essential commodity, I mean it’s really great for reheating purpose, or unfreezing the frozen foods, also how can I forget the popping of popcorn, and much more. The microwave oven is the commodity that not just only saves our time but it also saves energy.


Hence, if I would go to buy a perfect microwave oven for me I will particularly look for every detail and options that are available in the market. I know there are probably lots of undiscovered range of models and options available in the market and that can be confusing for you though. So I have jotted down some essential features that you must look for, before buying a microwave oven.


All the microwaves have a reputation for quick convenience and ease. Today, about 90% of people in every country have a microwave oven in their kitchen, and every microwave differs with respect to its feature and style. A perfect microwave is always a combination of speed, versatility and the Hi-Fi technology to create a smart kitchen, in a range of different styles and colors.


With regards to the model you buy, a microwave oven should be able to crisp the bread, roast the chicken and grill the vegetables just like a conventional oven & perform all other features like preparing specific recipes using a pre-programmed system or cooking an entire meal and automatic shut off when the sensor determines that the food is done, well that will be an added benefit.


Thus, we have diversified our research to find a perfect commodity for ourselves and the research sums up to following characteristics that should be considered before buying a microwave oven.


Type of a Microwave

There are basically two types of microwave i.e. conventional and convection microwave. A conventional microwave oven basically emits microwave rays that can easily pass through the glass and plastic containers to cook or heat up the food in it, whereas a convection microwave oven is equipped with microwave technology that is combined with the radiant heat and the circulating hot air to let you roast, brown, and grill the foods.


The convection microwaves consist of a heating element along with the fan that circulates the heated air. The end result is much more thorough as if the cooking is done on a stove. These also commonly known as the speed cook microwave models. These microwave ovens can easily deliver to you the juiciest pot roasts and a crustier pizza, sounds tempting doesn’t it! And also some of the models come with a pan to cook bacon or to crisp the bread.


Yet, now there is also an alternate heating method available that combines the microwave rays with intense light emitted from a quartz halogen bulb to grill or roast food. After using this technology, it is found that it adds more color and taste to the meaty items and also speeds up the cooking process.

As the convection microwave ovens give perfect cooking modes in a single unit with a little amount to pay, hence it is a better choice according to me.


Space and Location

So have you decided where are you going to install your microwave in your kitchen or maybe in the dining room, well personally I have installed mine in the dining room as for me it’s most convenient to use it there?


Yeah so you are still confused, well let me help you with that, think about a place available where it is much easier to approach the oven and then think about its type and style.


The countertop models will obviously take up the counter space. For instance, the best mid-sized countertop model is at least 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep.


The largest microwave according to my research is about 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep. So all you need to do is first find a perfect location for your oven and then decide upon buying one. You will also have to consider the height of the oven along with the other dimensions that can be found on the model page of each microwave.


Microwave Oven Styles

The countertop models are very popular among a lot of families. The Over the range or OTR models are just installed over the range. The built-in category of the ovens basically includes the models that are designed only to be built in the kitchen space that is surrounded by the cabinets or built into the wall.


The microwave drawers usually fall in the category of built-in models and can be placed under the countertop or below the oven wall. Also, there is an option of some countertop models, which can be easily converted into the built-ins using a kit.


The microwave ovens come in various sizes and styles. The four main types of microwaves are inclusive of; countertop models, above-range units, microwave drawers, and combination microwave ovens. Each type has its own advantage.


Countertop Microwave Ovens

The countertop microwave ovens or commonly known as the compact or portable microwaves are very small in size, yet these make a very popular choice among the consumers for reheating the food, thawing the frozen food, making popcorns, and other cooking tasks.


The typical size of these microwave oven is about 18-14 inches in width and deepness, while it is 12 inches in height. The capacity is about 1 cubic foot and its power is between 500 and 1000 watts. Due to such small measurements, the countertop microwaves are very much portable and you can take it with you easily wherever you move.


It is also the best option if you are on a tight budget as it can easily come under $100.


Above Range Microwave Ovens

The above range or over the range microwaves are basically designed to be installed above the kitchen range, as its name indicates. It is the second most popular type of microwave oven. In these recent years, a lot of improvements were made to the exhaust fan unit for the venting and filtering system.


The above range microwave models have multi-speed fans that are used to recirculate the air using the replaceable charcoal filter. It does not need to be vented outside. Some of the exhaust fans automatically switch on if the stove becomes too hot, protecting the oven.


AS the above range models are placed over your stove a cabinet needs to be removed before the installation. Typically, the above range microwaves come at the price as low as $250, but the above range ovens can also be topped up to $1,000, depending on its features.


Microwave Oven Drawers

The microwave drawers are very much anew in the market. The special thing about it does not consume valuable counter space, instead, it also offers all of the convenience of a microwave oven. However, installing it is not that easy.


Combination Microwave-Conventional Ovens

It is the most luxurious option these days that offers a built-in conventional oven and a microwave in the same space. The microwave is typically on the top of a larger conventional oven. The dual ovens consist of drop-down doors with a sleek stainless design. It can cost about $3,000.


4: Size and Power

If I want to pop the popcorns and bake the potatoes, then the small sized oven is best for me. However, if you wish to do more than that then buying a mid or full-size oven is the best. Because if the requirement is to cook full meals for an entire family, then a very large model with high power is what you need.


Being the best electronic company of all times, Panasonic microwave ovens gives the awesome range of the largest oven that is up to 2.2 cubic feet. The full-sized ovens give 1,000 to 1,600 watts of power, while the mid-sized ovens yield up to 800 to 1,000 watts. The higher the wattage the more heat is provided to cook food more quickly. High power is better for cooking the entire meal.


The compact microwaves or the smallest ovens can be used well in the dorms, hotel rooms, offices, or small apartments. The mini microwaves are used in boats or can be taken by the campers for camping. The compact unit can at least hold one dinner plate. These yields about 500 to 800 watts of power. But the downside of it is that the lower the power, the longer it takes to cook a meal


5: Budget

The countertop microwaves are much cheaper than the other types of mid-sized model which at least began around $70. However, over the range, microwave ovens are about $200 or maybe less, the higher side of it may go up to $400.


The microwave oven models that are only designed to be built or fitted into the cabinet or a wall starts at $400 and can range up to $1200 and so on depending on its features. Though, there are some kits available that cost lesser than these and are available in the market as an alternative.



To be conclusive to buy a perfect oven for your kitchen first you have to consider some important facts that are inclusive of the oven type, space or location, oven style, power and most importantly its budget. After pondering over these factors and surveying the market I am very much sure you would be able to buy your desired automated kitchen accessory.