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Most of online stores offer all kinds of discount codes to their clients. Using such codes allows you to purchase items at significantly lower prices. For example, if you buy something with a typical, 15% off voucher you save £15 for every £100 you spend. Naturally, the bigger the purchase, the bigger your savings think of how discount codes can influence your expense balance while shopping for a new laptop or holidays abroad.


Gifts/Shipping Costs


Not all voucher codes apply solely to the price of the product. Some provide other benefits such as gifts or a free delivery on the purchased product. Using them is an easy way to avoid extra costs of buying things online.


Tell a Friend


A lot of consumers don’t realize the benefits of shopping with voucher codes. Tell your family and friends about this site, so they can save money doing their everyday groceries as well as when planning a big buy.

If you’re an active blogger or an owner of a website, we encourage you to post your personalized reference link redirecting your visitors to our website. This is a good way to earn a lot of points which can later be exchanged for gifts.

On you’ll find codes and vouchers valid in a number of UK online stores. We make sure that we acquire the latest of the best discounts and deals available. Lists of codes are systematically refreshed, so they’d be attention worthy and valid. Remember, if you’re looking for a discount, check first!

If you know about an interesting voucher code not available at, share it with other users in the “add coupon” section. As soon as our moderators verify your code, it will appear on the website.


Code Evaluation


Each of our discount codes is evaluated by users. You can see that each one is tagged with two buttons – positive score (click it if the code worked) and negative score (click it if the code didn’t work). Thanks to these scores, list of the vouchers are constantly reordered so only the best codes are in the top positions.

Aside from the voting, we also provide the opportunity to comment on each code. The comment section allows our users to share more information about the offer.




To get notifications regarding new codes, leave us your email address (field above coupon list). We’ll let you know about all our best offers. This is a good way to keep up with all the latest discount codes.

You can always turn off the email notifications by logging in to our website and editing your account settings.


Free Account at


A fuller way to benefit from our website is to create a free user account. Creating such profile allows you to edit your subscriptions – decide what type of offers are you interested in. Also, you’re able to gather points for recommending new users and sharing codes. The current total of points is visible on your profile.

You’re able to add comments both as a registered user and an anonymous guest.


Shopping Profile


Getting a free account also allows you to create your shopping profile. By logging in you’re able to view your previous transactions, add photos (also used in comments), create shopping diaries, recommendations and wish lists. All your actions are stored in your shopping profile. Naturally, your privacy is a priority for us, so if you wish, you can hide all that information only for you to see.


Shopping Diary


Here you can keep track of your shopping history and also inform others about what you’ve bought. You can also see other people’s diaries. Believe it or not, a lot of people are curious as to what others buy online.




Bought something online? If so, you can tell others what you did and didn’t like about a store. Surely your opinions can help others to make a choice whether to trust an online vendor or not.




Are you satisfied with the purchased product? Would you like to recommend it to others? If so, give us the name of the product and the reason why you think others will like it too. You can also insert a direct link to the product.


Wish List


Is there something you’d like to buy in the nearest future? At you can create your very own wish list. It’ll show on your profile, where other people can see your favorite stores and product reviews.