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About ASDA

Asda is a British supermarket chain selling food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and financial services. However, today we will give our attention solely to its own range of clothing called ‘George’ which was established in 1990. Asda George is nothing else but trendy clothing, accessories and beauty products at reasonable prices. There is also one interesting thing that you may buy at Asda George.

ASDA George Logo

Imagine that you are planning a wedding, but you are tight on a budget. You do not even want to picture yourself in a second-hand dress… well, actually you do not have to. Asda George is the first supermarket to sell wedding dresses, which are part of George clothing line, at affordable prices – imagine getting a nice wedding dress for only £60. If your partner is also looking for a suit, Asda George has something for him, too – trendy suit for £40! That means £100 in total – what a fantastic value!

But let’s leave the topic of weddings for now. Summer is going to end soon and Autumn with new fashion trends comes in. We know that you want to look good at home, work or wherever you go. Good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to look chic. At Asda George new trends come at affordable prices.

What would you say about some nice feminine pieces with floral paints, animal prints or tartan – those seem to be overtaking the clothing market this season. Check this wonderful feminine long-sleeve top and let your inner romantic shine. The floral heart design is kept simple and chic with the understated cut and loose-fit jersey fabric. You can combine that top with trendy PU Ponte Leggings that will put your pins at centre stage. What about shoes? We highly recommend something fashionable, yet comfortable and Metal Heel Ankle Shoes seem to be perfect for the task. The whole outfit is less than £50 pounds, so what about nice bracelet, e.g. Assorted Facet and Beads Bracelet, emphasizing your delicacy? Classic, yet so sexy…



Asda George has a number of its own brands dedicated solely to women:

  • Moda,
  • G21,
  • Barbara Hulanicki,

or to men:

  • Charlie Allen,
  • Boston Crew,
  • South Dean Street.

Shopping at Asda George is cheap, but shopping with at Asda George on-line store is even cheaper… would you like to learn what we are talking about? No problem! Just follow this simple guide which was written especially for you to save you from overspending!

Step 1

Type and search for Asda George in our search engine. If you are interested in other branches of Asda, e.g. Asda Groceries or Asda Direct, you can check them out as well.

Step 2

A number of discount coupons will appear – those will include both active and inactive discounts. The ones which you can still use will be marked with red buttons stating either Hidden Code or Click for discount. Both mean that you are going to save even more money! Now, you will quickly see that each coupon has a description. Read the descriptions and learn on which products you can use a particular coupon. Ask yourself a question: What do I need? And choose the right coupon. Click the red button.

Step 3

Your click opens new page which turns out to be Asda George on-line store, but with a significant addition: the yellow box on the top. The box was placed there by IT experts to make the shopping more practical. The box will contain either a promotional code (after clicking a red button Hidden Code) or information that: You reached the discount area. No code is required (after clicking on Click for discount); the latter one means that Asda George is so generous to already offer what you want at discounted prices. Oh! We almost forgot to tell you that the yellow box with a promotional code will not disappear, so you may focus all your attention on Asda George and its impressive range of products.

Step 4

Have you put everything you wanted in your bag? Good. Here comes the time to use the promotional code from the yellow box. Go to your bag and under item details you will find an interesting question: Do you have a promotional codeOf course you have! Click the question and a field for entering the code will reveal itself! We have marked the field on the picture below with a red rectangle.

Enter the code and validate it. Oh yes, we have probably forgotten to mention that doing shopping with us is all pleasure… Hope you do not mind it?


Step 5

The last steps to do: go to checkout, decide on the delivery address and method, select payment type and place your order. You have just saved money and it took you only five short steps. No need to thank us, you are the one who deserved applause for choosing the path of a money saver rather than a money waster!


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