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About Adidas

At the ADIDAS online store you will find the latest and largest online adidas range of shoes, clothing, accessories for men, women and kids. The Adidas brand is associated with the high quality products. The brand is a pioneer in producing and introducing to the market innovative sporting goods, designed especially for football, golf, rugby, running, swimming, tennis and many more. The Adidas range brings together the very best in quality standards, technology and innovation.

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Adidas is such a popular brand worldwide that it hardly needs any introduction. Its roots date back to 1948, when it was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler and today it’s one of, if not the most popular sport brand in the world. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling top-quality shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

The prestige of the brand is unquestionable and to back it up – Adidas is a proud sponsor of many recognisable names such as the football teams of Bayern Munich, Liverpool or Real Madrid. The brand is a pioneer in producing and introducing to the market innovative sporting goods, designed especially for football, golf, rugby, running, swimming, tennis and many more. The Adidas range brings together the very best in quality standards, technology and innovation.

How to use Adidas discount codes

If you are passionate about sport and you tend to spend a lot of money on active clothing and equipment, our website has a special offer for you which will allow you to cut the expenses. Voucherful offers special voucher codes that allow its customers to reduce the amount of money they spend, while shopping online. So if you like sport, shopping online as well as lower prices – our offer is perfect for you. In order to find out how to use the voucher codes, follow the instruction below.

A shorter version of this instruction is provided at the bottom of the last page.

Step 1.

At first you need to ask yourself two questions:

Do I like buying active clothing and sport equipment? Do I prefer to have them at a lower price?

If the answer to both those question is “yes” you should already know that you are going in the right direction. You can move to step 2!


Go to and type Adidas in the browser. When you do that, numerous promotions will appear on your screen. They will be arranged from the most active at top to the least active and inactive at the bottom.

The inactive promotions will be placed on the list only for you to know what kind of promotions were active before. Note that only the promotions with red promotional buttons are available at the moment. The dates in which promotions are valid are given on the left side of it.

Pay particular attention to the fact that there are two types of promotional buttons:


hidden code


This button means that an additional discount code is required


click for discount


This button informs about general In-store promotion. No discount code is required


You should now decide on which promotion is more profitable for you and click it.

Step 3

Now you will be redirected to the webpage of Adidas.

You will see a yellow window border at the top of the screen. The is a convenience prepared specially for you. Depending on the type of promotion that you chose, it will provide you with the discount code or not. If you have chosen a generally available promotion, the window border will inform you about it.

If, however, the window border provides you with a voucher code, it will be used later on, so you don’t have to bother yourself with it at the moment.

Watch out: you don’t have to learn the code by heart, nor do you have to write it down. The window border will be displayed on your screen the whole time you are in the online store.

Step 4

Explore the offer of the Store. You can add to the bag as many things as you wish. The voucher codes can be used for more than one item. There is plenty of categories to choose from, such as:

  • shoes (eg. running, football, basketball)
  • clothing (eg. hoodies, shirts, jackets)
  • accessories (eg. bags, socks, sunglasses)
  • equipment

Let’s say that we wanted to buy those chic shoes:



And add to this very comfortable knit suit:



Remember to select the size of both items.

Bearing in mind the fact that Adidas offers us free delivery on all orders over £150, we will be expecting a price reduction when we access our online bag. And there it is. Delivery cost will not be added to our total price.

Step 5

Go to the bag!

All your items will be enlisted there, with the total priced summed up at the bottom.

Note that there is no shipping fee added.

We didn’t use a discount voucher to reduce the price of our purchases as we reached the general discount area. If we, however, were obliged to use a voucher code in order to cut the price of our item, we would have to do that right now.

Look at the space provided which says: “Enter Promotional Code”. You should copy the code from the window border at the top of the screen and apply it. The discount price should be added to the total value of your purchases.

Step 6

Now you can follow to the further stages of the transaction.

You can do it without a registration, but if you want to make it more comfortable for you, do register. You will be asked to provide delivery details, such as: delivery preferences as well as you personal data (name, address, etc.) Please fill all the required gaps. Then you will be asked to provide your payment preferences and data, such as: credit card number, etc.

When you do that, ensure you filled all the gaps correctly and confirm your transaction.

Step 7

You can now wait for your delivery.

In short:

  • Go to and browse for Adidas
  • Choose the most attractive promotion
  • Add your item in your bag and apply the voucher code
  • Provide delivery and payment details and confirm the transaction

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